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Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by rag4aCrown, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. The Holy Spirit is amazing and I love when He ministers to me and then to you. Praise God.
    I have been restoring a little cabin. The simplicity of the Lord's teaching is amazing. I could tell by the little cabins structure (character) there were underlying problems. So I began to tear the outer later off to get to the decay and The Lord says He does is the same way. He will get to the core and fix any decay within. We must be willing to allow God to enter and purge us of our layers. When a bad area is revealed don't duck out full of pride. Be honest with self and God. When we recognize the unclean spirit, don't get proud, get humble. He can heal any brokeness. With God, all things are possible. Amen
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  2. Are you saying God restores you from the outside to the inside, like your walls?
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  3. I believe she is simply saying that we need to clean up the inside of our temple in which the Holy Spirit lives, instead of just making the outside look good to impress those passing by.
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  4. The decay inside will present it's ugliness, if we do not forsake the outside (the flesh), by confessing our sins and humbling ourselves to God. He has asked us to do some things.

    He cleanses us, molds us, prepares us to be a vessel fit to be used by the KING.

    When God reveals the decay within, it is our choice to lay down the layers that are outside, peeling them away.

    The Potter and the clay. God's hands has touched every part of the clay. He knows every flaw. Even thou He shows us our flaws doesn't mean we will lay it down soon. Depends on the flaw and how deep it is embedded in the surface. When we humble ourselves and admit it, God cleanses us from inside out and the flaw that was there isn't there anymore; God has delivered us of it, plucking it out and casting it away.
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  5. You're talking about sin, casting away sin?
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  6. It is a most wonderful feeling within; knowing you stand in the righteousness of God, blessed of God and highly favored.
    We don't get there because we are proud, high minded, or self righteous, but because we are humble and seeking to be pleasing unto God. Amen
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  7. Perhaps she is just talking about you and me and her, and how we move or are moved from being far from and without God to being closer to and with Him.

    It is not just sin that needs to removed from us, but the pathways to sin that remain within us. We cannot do this alone, but the Way is open and all the help that is needed is available.

    As we are being cleansed and our pathways are becoming His pathway, we in the interim give God the glory for all that He has done for us and all that He will do for us... if we will allow it.
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  8. To love Him more than any temptation that the devil uses throughout this world; for everything here is temporary, even this flesh in which the Spirit resides. Rise above it and walk in heavenly places right now, being caught up in clouds with God. For this world is under His feet and mine. Amen.

    When we fall down God is there to pick us back up, like a good Father would; He dusts us off, and doctors our wounds, and stands us back up again.

    He never leaves us nor forsakes us and is forever calling our name. ; is entire creation testifies of Him. Amen and Amen

    All praise glory and honor be unto God Amen
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