Peak Oil and climate change

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Just wondering what the Bible says about this.
The industrial age my be coming to a close if we run out of fuel, at the moment huge amounts of fossil fuels are burned to run it causing climate change or global warming, which to me is just another way of describing hell heating up.

Do you think in the future we could run cars on say olive oil or hydrogen (water)?
Will we still be using cars or maybe if the oil runs out or it becomes unecomnomic we will be using other means of transport.
Or we might power down and just have to use our own two legs and start walking or bicycling, what do you think?

I mean growing wings and flying is probably not going to happen, but it would be kinda cool if we could just fly everywhere like birds, without having to use jet fuel.
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Ok nobody I guess the whole oil crisis thing never affected anyone. Apparently it ran out in 1973... well for america so they just bought some from other countries esp arab ones. Which is why they are so rich.

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