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peaceful pleasures


By: Michelle Ross

Spring time has arrived. The air filled with the aroma of new life the sent of wild flowers and pine fill the air as the wind gently waltzes across the grass. The birds chirping looking for their mates squirrels chasing as if they were playing tag and chasing each other around and up the pine trees.

There is so much beauty around us that GOD that he has given us.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bird soaring across the sky? If only we could see what they see. All the nature from the tops of trees. Looking down at the world filled with so much beauty or soaring along side a mountain into the sunset seeking refuge for the night . Being able to touch the sky and fill the clouds against Our wings. I could close my eyes and visualize I see in the early morning while fog still lingers on the tops of the fresh spring. Everything still and calm. All the animals beginning to stir peaking their heads out to make sure that all is safe and the coast is clear so they can find a little breakfast to fill their tummies.

Butterflies dancing from flower to flower.

I sometimes when I am feeling depressed I try to take my mind to such places and focus on the word of GOD. Such places bring me peace and I feel so free away from all the situations that are bothering me.

Such as when I think of the ocean those huge waves with the white foamy tops crashing against the sandy beach bring the treasures from beneath, the little shells of every color and shape.

I would imagine a wild mustang running along the beach chasing the waves as they crashed beneath his feet, or a dove soaring along side a waterfall as the mist lightly kisses his feathers. I can only imagine to be so free. That is peace to me. We can have such peace through the LORD. GOD’S Glory and peace are for us if we walk in his word and let him guide us although at times it seems impossible, but the word says that nothing is impossible for GOD. All things are possible through him.

Treasure what GOD has given us. Let us not take what he has given for granted, and let it be enough.