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I try to close the door
on the past but I can't
keep it shut.
My demons keep
coming out by the
Engulfing me in my
past missery.
I try to stand strong
to fight them off, to try
to close the door.
But there are too
many strong in numbers.
My world spin in circles
once again with the devil
trying to pull me down.
I cry out for help but I
recieve none.
Alone back in pain, darkness
that I know very well.
That I thought I left with
a replintish faith.
I stand here almost beetin
standing on my last leg.
In the sea of demons coming
to engulf me, back into my
past missery.
wow....makes me think about my life and past but then again its very touching and makes me get tears in my eyes.....its very good!!!
thanks for sharing...

god bless

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