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Not a passion, just a dream

Tetrahedral interdimensional physics and space travel.

Dave777 :^>
Staff Member
My passion is fellowship with my girlfriend / future wife Jessica :)

She's more than life to me and every passion with her is better than the one before!

I love you Jessica!

atm, my passion is like my church, an my youth group...

as well as my future, of goin 2 uni an becomin a teacher..
I can't separate Jesus from my passion because He is my passion. That includes worshipping and praising Him, reading the books He guides me to, talking to Him all through the day, and talking about Him. I love Him so much. :shade: sunshine307
i agree sunshine but i also have a passion for nature, space, sea, protecting the environment. also i have a passion for stressing(and trying to help) on the fact of how people are dying of hunger, are homeless and are being neglected. that is just some of the stuff that i have a passion for. i really, really have a passion for stressing the stuff we are doing to the planet that God gave us also the environment and all that i said before, i dont also understand why the stupid people from the government always have to spend money on uneccisary things while our own people are homeless and dying of starvation and aids.
sorry for the long post, but its what i have a passion for (and thats why im becoming a marine biologist, to tell the people how stupid they are (amongst other things) by polluting our environment.)
God bless, vlooi

i guess getting where i wanna get to in life, Music, Amy,

Ignite (our youth group) and then church yeh... but not alot actually, i am not expecting to get alot outta life i guess. i think that God is just letting me take it easy. :):)

Love Simon!!!
Well if you got's a problem with it just liek let me knwo and i can re arrange it??

and yeah why wouldnt you be... ATM, there aint really much more out there apart from School that i can do. so yeha. may as well enojy my time with you whileyour around. you knwo goign off to UNi n all. goign to be ALL alone for a while.. :(:(

may as well tell ya now instead of when ya leavign so ya know it... :):)

Love Simon!!!
My passion is singing praise and worship songs with my daughters. My 6 year old will sing and dance right along.
I like to look at nature. I also looooooooove animals. My favorite animals are horses. I absoulutely looooove them.
i agree with sunshine....

i love the following;

nature, wildlife, countryside etc,


reading fantasy books,



watching ballet and opera,

MUSIC, i enjoy most genres...esp hip hop/rock/alt,

and i think thats about it!..lol