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there are things that we are all very passionate about...
abortion for example, doctors say that the baby isn't alive because it wouldn't be able to live on its own but we all know different. God gave life to that baby..we don't have the right to end it. i usually say we could be "terminating" the next einstein and not even know.
gay marriage is another example. we all know the united states was actually founded with christianity in mind, with God on top. now they want to get rid of everything that even has God's name in it. The main argument for gay marriage that they take from the bible is that everyone is equal but wat does that have to do with gay marriage? sure were all equal but marriage is between a man and a woman. like sodom and gomorrah, y else would God have destroyed it? sumthin else that is said is that God made adam and eve not adam and steve...which does have a point...
passion about the right thing

dark blue Yes we need to be passion, I want to be passion for Jesus. If I am passion for Him and His ways then I am passion for all He stand for. I also do not like anything that is not from Him.

one of His warriors,
Debbi :thumbs_up

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