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Passion for Street Evangelism to spread the good news.

I live in Grantham Lincolnshire UK, anyone so passionate about Christ that they wanna just get out there and spread the word, I am looking for one or two or maybe more who love Jesus with all there heart mind and soul and wanna meet up and preach the word to the lost . I felt led to buy a mega phone so I did , just wanna use it now but think it wise to take a one or two Folks with me .
If any one lives within a reasonable radius or is prepare to travel further, I am also willing to travel to you.
Please pm me.
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Welcome to the forums Melanie. May God lead you and bless your efforts.
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First welcome to Talk Jesus Melanie!
Sorry it has taken me so long in welcoming you.

I will pray that God will bring someone into your life to share in the Ministry that you are called to.
That you may be a vessel for the Holy Spirit that His words may be your words and touch and move those He calls.

Once again be welcome Sister Melanie.

"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." Acts 1:8
Spread the WORD. How wonderful that will be. I wished I lived there, I would join you, but I'm in the USA.
No problem at all, I'll pray to our Father(God) to send you just the right persons to aid you. God is faithful and will
provide for His servants to complete the work He has for them.

I look forward to you sharing with us how God has blessed you with sending people your way. It will happen. God is able, and
I believe in faith that He desires as well to make it happen, and you seem willing.

So that is a perfect match. A willing servant, combined with an able and willing God. Unstoppable. :)

I wish we lived closer together :) I have been saved about 4 months now, and have a very big desire not to bible bash or condemn people but Love on em til Jesus gets a hold of 'em :)
For me it started with a trip to the grocery store and a "sense" that I didn't understand at the time saying that this gal that came into the store needed to know Jesus forgave and loved her. That He hadn't left her. Well... I fought God 1/2 way through the store until I finally gave in and talked to her. A complete stranger! Well, it was from God .....God broke some walls down that day in both her and I!!

So, just to encourage you ..... you got this! God has your back. You are a vessel, filled up to overflowing with Him because you are His.... we can share Jesus in us to others any day any where. No need to yell with a bullhorn (although that does sound fun lol) but I encourage to ask God to speak to you about anyone you come into contact with :) Maybe it's the waiter at a local deli, or cashier at the store.... a coworker.. ohhhh the possibilities are endless aren't they?!?! PM me sometime if you'd like to share your stories...I love how God is using this new on fire generation and am so blessed to be part of it!

Randsomed & Redeemed`