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Party With Purpose

Staff Member
There you and your families will feast in the presence of the LORD your God, and you will rejoice in all you have accomplished because the LORD your God has blessed you. Deuteronomy 12:7 NLT

Have you ever been at a party and wondered, “What in the world am I doing here?” Perhaps the frivolity seemed pointless. Maybe meandering through the events of the evening made you feel empty.

In the Old Testament, God invited people to celebrate their accomplishments. He did this because parties where He’s the focus are the most meaningful. The same is true today.

When your party’s theme involves celebrating all that God has done during a particular season of life, the food and festivities suggest a deeper significance. You feel energized instead of exhausted.

God asks you to party because it prepares you for future experiences with Him. David wrote that God clothes the hills “with gladness” (Psalm 65:12 NIV). Gladness and astonishment are two intoxicating aspects of your experience when you spend time celebrating what God has done—when you party with a purpose.

Prayer: Lord, help me to plan a party with family and friends that celebrates the extraordinarily good things You do!