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Part of me wants to be saved, but another part doesn't.

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by oneiroer, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. It's like I have the door open a little for Jesus but part of me doesn't want Him all the way in. I've got a pretty busy day so I'll elaborate later. But the part of me that wants to be saved thought I should start this post. :)
  2. We ought not have an opposing side, that is, a side opposed to God, but we do.
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    Behold I stand at the door and knock
    Revelation 3:20

    Greetings @oneiroer

    It is the most important decision that you will ever make.

    I believe that Jesus is knocking at your hearts door right now
    Do not turn Him away

    Nothing this world can offer will ever compare to the love, joy and peace you will find in Jesus
    No-one but Jesus can offer you eternal security

    Put everything else off......but don't put Jesus off

    Praying for you
    Please make contact by pm if you would like to.

    To you is the word of salvation sent
    Acts 13:26
  4. Good replies given, all I can add is that God if faithful and true. If you seek Him with your whole heart, you shall meet Christ and be forever changed. But the Lord will never force His way into your life and change you unless "YOU" want that change to happen. I shall pray for you oneiroer.
  5. Oneiroer,

    I have good news and bad news for you. You are going to live forever in either heaven with God or hell with the devil. While you are alive, it is your choice. After you die you will be resurrected by God and be judged. If during your life you have asked God to forgive your sins and accepted Jesus as the son of God who died for your sins and rose from the dead you will go to heaven. If you didn't , you won't go to heaven and you will be cast into the lake of fire in side the earth with the devil. I love you enough to tell you the truth. I hope to see you in heaven.

    Jude 1:17-23
    [h=2]Jude 1[/h] 17 But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;
    18 How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.
    19 These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.
    20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
    21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
    22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:
    And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.
  6. Thank you all. I went to a concert at my church tonight and the band had the audience basically raise their hands if they wanted to be saved for any reason. I raised my hand a bunch of times and they had those who raise their hand come on stage and say a prayer. I went on stage with the group and said the prayer! I am saved. I do not want to worry anymore with burdens and I am tired. I have come to Jesus and trust in Him. Thank you all again! :)
  7. Don't forget, its... repent and be baptized everyone of you... that is to be our first steps. Read at least a little of Gods word everyday, and pray/talk to God as often as you can, He really appreciates and loves you and wants you to stay in touch.
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    Do not take this wrong but I must ask you; Did you just say the prayer or did you mean the prayer from your heart? Just repeating a prayer does not save you. You must realize your need and sincerely seek forgiveness. You must willingly make a determination and commitment.

    I only ask this because I have seen so many repeat a prayer and think everything is ok when it is not. Salvation is of the heart, not the head.
    Some get caught up in the emotion or excitement but after it wears off they are unchanged.
  9. this is not to offend friend let me start with some bible

    (Romans 10:16-17) "But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report? {17} So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

    we see here faith is a gift from God given only when we hear the word of God...

    step one for a new believer even before baptism, should be (2 Corinthians 13:5) "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?"

    there are so many false teachings and false ideas pressed in todays world, im always a bit leery of a testimony of a prayer or asking jesus into your heart, ect.

    The gospel is very simple and thus mysterious to us, we as humans sometimes dont understand how it can be so easy and thus we add things to it and corrupt it. i will quote some scripture now and hope you will read it, understand it, and believe it, dont be afraid to examine yourself to see if you are in the faith, i have been a believer for some 6 years now and i still examine myself quite often.

    (Romans 10:13) "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

    this is how easy it is to be saved.

    (1 Timothy 3:16) "And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory."
    i call this the gospel in a nutshell you believe that Jesus was God in the flesh, died for your sin, rose from the dead defeating the power of sin, and will now be glorified for eternity in heaven.

    Dont put faith into a prayer or an emotional experience. Believe the gospel, and read his word. (Deuteronomy 4:29) "But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul."

    in love sir.
  10. I must admit I just said the words. But I really do want to start trusting Jesus and have Him in my life. I feel burdened and feel I need to come to Jesus. I feel He could be my best friend if I let Him.
  11. oneiroer ever take a long trip to visit an old friend? The trip is not always so fun to make.Many tough times happen on a long trip. Sometimes bad weather.( matt 5:45) Sometimes various trials.( 1 peter 1:5-9) And sometimes if you were like me battered and beaten from my own self ambitions and selfesnesss, made so low I could not have even crawled under a snake,finally I called out to God. The part of you that does not wish to join us believers is the accountability that comes with such a following. We become so use to the many masks in our closet,that we put on depending upon those we either have to see,or are going to see.( Matt 16:24-26)

    Verse 26 Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? What mask is there in our closet that can fool God? I could not find one bro. For the time will come whether I like it or not, that I will have to meet the man who did so very much to love me in spite of me. What can I say to him? I didn't know? Could I say Jesus,so many said they believed but did not do the things you said to do.It is not my fault!! And Jesus might say something like this back." If ten people jumped off a cliff because they believe there was a great treasure at the bottom of that cliff, but no one ever returned to speak about it,would you jump off as well? You see brother we have no excuse.We can pretend all day long!! many have! I sure did!! For 22 years i was as you.

    I have endured much in my 59 years brother,some not so hot ! But in spite of everything,I am so very thankful Jesus loves me! His love brother is not like a persons,it does not depend upon his feeling that day,or on how well behaved one is, or acted on any certain day. Jesus loved you the very day you were born into this land.(Psalms 139:13-18)( My first prayer came in such a fashion bro.( psalms 63!) And the Lord heard my cry bro!!And he answered me!( psalm 40:1-3) he choose me( John 15:16) And set me apart as an alien upon this earth.( 1 peter 2:11) And through i have made many mistakes along this journey,I have no mask on anymore!

    From abiding both in God's Word, and in the fellowship of my dear brothers and sister here as well as in my church,I am encouraged,so that I can encourage! I am loved so i can love,because this is no greater love then comes from above!( 1 john 4:17-21) I was told by Holy Spirit in a gentle wind one day in a dorm room in College Mark this is your last chance! One last time i will call upon you to recive my love.I took that chance bro,and have never been sorry for doing so either! I have made such a long jouney, I have run the race,and through Jesus i shall complete this race i run through him bro. But what does God want with me??

    You will never know until you stop by his cross of love,and are willing to carry this to another! ( phil 1:6) We are all a work in progress bro,and my hope, not a worldly hope but rather an abiding hope!( rom 15:13) is that you will have enough courage to make such a journey as the rest of us! For it indeed does take courage! The reward for such courage is lasting peace and rest in the abiding love of Jesus who dwells in us. And the true joy of a great light shining upon a city,your city!( matt 5:14-16) for no city has any light until such light is brought to it!The true light of love through our Jesus! Consider this brother. For as God is both my judge, and my faithful friend he is speaking to you through me this day.Here his Word.( isaiah 41:9-13)This is what the Lord told me on the day i became his! He is also telling you this today! May this message find you brother and always find you well! amen
  12. Hi oneiroer,

    First let me say welcome to the family of God! I am so glad you made the decision to let Him into your life and are now saved. If you don't have one get yourself a good bible and start reading my friend and stay in it. We are all in this good race together and as Long as we keep our eyes on Jesus we will obtain that prize which is eternal life in heaven with Him. God bless you my friend and brother in Jesus. May our Lord Jesus surround you and fill you with His peace, love, grace and mercy forever and ever.

  13. It sounds like you are at the door. Just step through. Let Him be Lord of your life. If these things are in your heart, tell Him. Confess your sin and your need.

    Romans 10: 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    He is waiting.
  14. Today Jesus, The Truth, revealed something to me through God's Word. I read today in the Bible Ephesians 4:27
    NIV that anger gives a foothold to the devil. I feel I have been on a downward spiral since
    a bad child hood day in which my parents weren't talking and they didn't talk to me when I came
    to them. I remember sitting on a chair and crying very hard with no one to comfort me. I must have become
    very angry at my parents at the time (I was 7 or 8) and I probably have a lot of anger built up and that's probably
    why Satan has his foothold on me. I'm starting to realize my need for God. I'm realizing that God can be a
    better parent than my earthly parents could ever have been. I do realize I need to forgive my parents and everyone too
    though. But it's hard. But I feel Jesus is disciplining me.
  15. Brother oneiror If I may share with you a few things. It is difficult for anyone to identify with you unless one has been in the persons shoes. Let me show you what I had to learn the hard way! Coming from a very!!abusive earthly dad, nothing was ever good enough.If i played in a baseball and threw a 3 hitter, which I did once, he would talked about the hits i gave up,I was beaten at least 3 times a week,some of the times i earned it to! But by then i didn't care! I figured we all take a beating once in a while! In words or deeds! After his death which I sure was not sad at,I had so much hatered for him, after my mom and brother left his grave site,I said give me a little time with him please,i went on his grave.

    I called him every bad name i could think of. i was getting ready to be drafted by the Detroit tigers baseball team,when I got a draft notice to the Vietnam War, I did my very best to get out of this,but there was no way I could.I had worked all my life to become a professional baseball player and now this! I asked the draft board if they would allow me to at least try out!!I explained everything to them!! NOPE! So now can you just imagine how much hatered I had!! LONG!!! Story short! After serving 2 tours in Vietnam Seal team 6 I got out,and could not hold a job. Getting to the point now.

    When Jesus found me in a mop closet in college at age 22, again a very long story!! LOL I still had a lot of problems,I had every right to keep my unforgivness of my eartly dad! And did to! But my relationship with the Lord was suffering greatly!! it was always someone elses fault,not mine!! In prayer with my pastor,I was confronted with a Word of knowledge from him,which is bro if you do not know, something spoken of from a person used by God to revel something to you, they could never have known about! (Matt 18:21-35) And then the Lord through him spoke this." Because you will not forgive,you are facing eph 4:27, it is not I who am looking to punish you,YOU are punishing yourself! And the enemy is helping you to remember the bad!

    And so began the long teaching and understand bro! ( rom 12:1-2) You mark must change the tape in your head,and you can only do this if you abide in my Word,and I will cause you to escape from the pit you are in.(1 cor 10:13) So bro began lesson one! ( 2 cor 10:4-7!!) So now when I am asked about my early dad, I say I remember the time he took me to the baseball game and we had such a wonderful time,that is what I choose to remember bro! From this lesson,and from God's Word, Jesus helped me to overcome my past,both from my eartly dad, and the war. The escape can only be found by abiding through God's Word!DAILY!! It took me 2 whole years! I was known as being very hardheaded bro LOL Now the result of what Holy Spirit taught me. ( 1 john 2:27)

    Forgiving another must be done because we never hurt the one who has done us wrong!! We are the ones hurt! We suffer! That is what the devil wants!! To blame others so we stay in bondage! What has Jesus forgiven me from?? MUCH!! But hey!!! he is God!! I sure am not!! Another excuse i used bro lol, But then he said are you following me mark?Are you my child mark? Then move his sin, as I moved yours as far as the east is from the west AND!!! remember them no more!!( psalms 103:8-17!!!) please pay attention to verse 12 as well. For one who follows acts upon that following! Hope this is not to long for you to read bro!! LOL But I wanted to confirm the Word you got as being from the Lord who truly loves you!

    And so I have perfect peace and rest through our Jesus,through his Love through eph 4:32. From what Jesus forgave in my life,the least I can do as his child is obey him, because i love him, not because i am afraid he will beat me! God does not stand over us bro with a baseball bat!NO! Rather in and through his great love he has for each one of us,shows us how to overcome through him!!( 1 john 4:4-6!!)If we believe this bro then we must act upon our belief in our faith!( james 1:22) May this encourage you that Jesus is not a God of punishment,but rather a great and wonderful and mighty God of LOVE!!His very nature bro!!amen!( 1 john 4:17-19) verse 19 the only way we can love is when we recieve HIS!!!! Love,so that we then can follow his example and love oneanother as Jesus first loved us!! blessing bro!
  16. Thank you much for putting a smile on my face and making me feel better, Brighthouse! :) I'm sorry your dad did that to you. I agree with you. I really like psalms 103:8-17. I'll get to reading the scriptures you told me about later. I'm getting tired.
  17. I am so glad for that!Thanks for letting me know that bro! Upon every day we wake from,lies something special for God's KINGS KIDS!! Yes It can rain on our parade,but no matter what others may say or may do to us here,we already see what is at the finish line waiting for us with VERY OPEN ARMS!! So we battle in our mind and struggle in our flesh,but not for no reason!There is a purpose to all of this! For at the end of our race( 1 cor 9:23-27) lies Jesus!!!! waiting!! Smiling with great joy, because these words come forth at the finish!!"You have fought the good fight!!You have finished the course!! AND!!!!! YOU have kept the faith!!"( 2 tim 4:7-8) We shall indeed all LOVE!!! His very Appearing!!! amen!
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    It's great to hear that you have this desire in you. God is drawing you; after all, "No man can come to Me unless the Father who sent me draw him." (John 6:44)

    I pray that you will seek out a church and find people to fellowship with, and to encourage you.
  19. Thanks Glow. I needed that. :)

    I actually go to a church. :) But now I'm kind of feeling like the prodigal son... I saw a couple of videos on youtube that really gets my attention. The songs are Luminate - Come Home and Rhett Walker Band - Come To The River. The second song's first lyrics are how I'm feeling now... "I'm torn between myself and Your Truth"...
  20. Your truth??? hehe The truth we partake of brother does not lack in any results from the Lord's truth!! My truth lacks!!LOL I know what you meant of course!! Luke 15:7-32!!!!! Please read this real slow and capture the Holy Spirit through God's own words to us bro! When i was young I ran away from home,not happy with my dad,not happy period! LOL I was about 12 and stayed near the house but far enough away to say I was not by the house! lol As night fell and the street lights came on i heard my dads whistle,that meant get in the house!! Now great fear came about me, because he had already whistled once before!! I heard his car leave the house, oh GOD!!! he is looking for me now!!

    I could hear mother crying,and brother was also_Oh dear! Well I guess i better get home and take my well deserved punished for staying out way to late! So I went in, Mom was so happy,but it was not her I was worried about!! LOL After 30 min dad came back madder then a hornet! He was shaking because of the fear i was indeed lost?Never saw his face so pale, then he saw me and he ran towards me,I hid myself into a ball fearing I would get beaten! Instead he picked me up and did something my dad never did!!He hugged me and kissed me??ME?? " PLEASE son do not do that again,we may have our differences but I really do love you!" As you have read brother Jesus does us the same! You see bro, real truth sets real people free and not just for a time either!But always knowing God loves us,means so very much!! May your seeking of the truth cause you to also find our Fathers ARMS They are always open, and he always says this!!I SO LOVE YOU!

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