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Paradox ofthe Biblical Christianity

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In the natural world, there are hard to explain,mind boggling and perplexing occurrences.Such as those shown on a well known TV programs entitled,“Ripley’s Believe It or Not” and the “Guiness Book of World Records”.Most of the acts and figures portrayed are truly incredible. Its unbelievable, unususal and out of this world, but in reality they actually happened and was true.

In the spiritual world, it’s likely the same thing. On biblical matter, there are particular passages and verses that seems for many people are contradictory, confusing, not true and in most cases debatable. In a real sense, the carnal mind cannot comprehend them and is unable to receive and perceive about the things of God.But it holds a deeper and greater truth for those people who have the spiritual mind. There are many deep things of God lies deep in the scriptures and can only be uncovered and bring it into surface by the Spirit of God.

As far as the so called “Greater Revelation” is concerned, the Bible is still the final revelation of God to Man because the Word is more than enough. If there’s any revelation that seems far from the truth, illogical and hard to understand, then one thing must be put into consideration. It should be somehow transpired into as the so called a “Paradox”. Setting the two opposite views in such a way that it would become unbelievable but in fact really true. In this manner, either the two sides of the “coin” that has a big difference will be and should be in parallel with the truth. Likewise, it should complement to fully make not only the truth but also the whole of the truth.

The paradox of the biblical christianity is somewhat like unto an abstract paintings. At first glance it seems nonsense at all but taking a closer look reveals a unique patterns of colors and shapes that have a true meaning. Looking at the scriptures seriously, the more reading and meditation the more deeper seeing about “On earth as it is in Heaven”. Indeed, the whole earth was full of God’s (heavens) glory, as what Isaiah saw and experienced should be the same to anyone who encounter Christ.

Insomuch as the “New Revelation” may appear in the coming days and in the future, everything should be within the framework of the biblical context. No doctrinal error, not distorted or twisted but a sure “hit in the mark”, and not a single one had missed. Otherwise, it would be critical and dangerous.

The Paradox about God and the Brethren:

God is Rich and Poor at the same time

God is Rich – “The silver and gold is mine” Hag.2:8
God is Poor – The six “I’s” of the Lord. Matt.25:31-46
I was hungry
I was thirsty
I was a stranger
I needed clothes
I was sick
I was in prison

• The six “I’s” denotes himself- He is Jesus the God and Man
• Anyone who cannot and will not accept the “poor” attributes of God is “spiritually blind”, and might be in danger of the fire of hell.

We, “In Christ” are also rich and poor at the same time

“Poor yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything”. 2 Cor.6:10
“Anyone who receives a righteous man…will receive a righteous man’s reward. And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple…not lose his reward”. Matt. 41,42

• The most ever privilege and most valuable person living in the planet earth are we “In Christ”.
• Riches of heaven are at our own disposal. We must Go and preach the Gospel!

We, the brethren, are God and Man just like Jesus

The whole truth about God and His attributes:

God is: ( at the same time) God is:
Rich Poor
Omnipotent Hungry
Omniscient Thirsty
Omnipresent Stranger
And He is Great Naked
In Prison and He is the least

The six I’s of the Lord in Matt.25:35-40 logically emphasized that:

The I’s is the brethren;
The “I’s” is the Lord,
Therefore, the “brethren” was God and Man.

• The “I’s” and the “brethren” denotes one and the same- God and Man
• The “I’s” is in us, is with us, is around us, is among us and is actually Us!
• The “brethren” are the believers, the church, the Body of Christ that are composed of great and of least of the brethren. From rich to the poor, from apostle and prophet down to the least and to the “little ones” who believe.

Facts of the Matter:

1. Anyone who cannot and will not accept the whole truth is and was “spiritually blind”, and
might be in danger of fire of hell.
2. Spiritual blindness had caused many (goats) to be cursed into the eternal fire in the coming last judgment of God.
3. The “Theology” of the modern church today must put on a new look on who God really is and what the church really are, or else, many might go to hell.
4. Paradox of the biblical christianity is all about seeing what’s “On earth as it is in Heaven”.
5. God was also here on earth. He’s alive “in the flesh’.
6. The whole truth and complete attributes of God was revealed and shown by Christ to His
disciples.John 14:6-9
7. The Church must have a new spiritual vision that will enable to see beyond what the natural
eye could see.
8. The truth will bring the Body of Christ the Church in the unity of the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God.
9. The truth will bring the church into what God really intended to be in His Church - the restoration of the genuine 5- fold ministry.
10. The term “We are God” refers only to the whole church, the Body of Christ, the believers which is also the “Brethren”.
11. As an individual believer “partaker of divine nature” should apply and not as God!
12. “I am not God!”.

The Bible says,
“Examine yourself and see if you’re (belong to the sheep) in the faith.” 2 Cor. 13:5
Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man can come unto the Father except through me." John 14 v 6

Without the WAY.....there is no Going
Without the TRUTH...there is no Knowing
Without the LIFE......there is no Living.

This little passage of the scriptures makes it clear, that without Jesus you cannot progress.
I agree.

In fact, without the whole truth about Jesus we cannot progress.

Absolutely Brother.....God Bless You
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