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Palm Seed

I am Cheryl Lynn Valdes mother's maiden name Griego and I swallowed a Palm seed by accident from a real tree in Sept.2014 I need prayer and healing. Now since Dec. 2017 I am having trouble with excretion and I experience myself constipated so I went to see my Doctor and my Doctor referred me to a specialist in Gastrology. My appointment is not until Feb.14th 2018. I want my faith to be greater and God to make sure the Palm seed is somewhere in my body not blocking my bowel movement from the large and small intestine to be normal. I pray and believe I am thankful to God for the Lord your God is almighty and can heal me like they do at healing masses and the wounds of Christ. Where is their a healing mass for me to go? I say No to gradually gaining weight since I was 115 pounds now my weight increases and I cannot fit into my size 2 and 4 and I say yes to my weight decreasing please. I have to eat to live however digestion is extremely important. I enjoy lactaid milk and special k every morning and water daily giving up soda. How many people have survived a bowel obstruction? Or swallowing a Palm seed?
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @Cherheaven

Seems you are Catholic as it pertains to the origin of your faith in Christ Jesus. So, their practices might not be so familiar or even welcomed here at Talk Jesus, but you most certainly are!

Don't know folks with bowel obstruction, so the best I can do is pray for you if you'd like. For healing of whatever is ailing you physically and spiritually.

You might also, post something in the "Prayer Forum".

Prayer Request

I'm sure if there are members here who have experienced what you are going through and come across this thread. That they'll respond to you and assist where they can.

With that being said. Once again be welcome, to Talk Jesus.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Staff Member
Greetins Cheryl Lynn Valdes,

I certainly wouldn't want a palm seed stuck in my system!
Often people pray, saying, "get out! in Jesus name" and in this case I think we can safely pray that the palm seed does get out and in the name of Jesus Christ we pray,

Bless you ....><>