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I know a old female who can really good painting people, but she is depressiv. Can anybody give me a tip like I can give her more trust in the power of Jesus and that its a talent what she have?? I really will help her! You must see her Pictures very wonderful. She make me in only 5 mintes a little Picture from a see with swan.Only with watercolor. Cool.
Early she have make the Pictures for her church. But then she began to be tired. :-(( I hope i can help moren then only praying for her. :confused:


The key here is for her not to be looking inward. I was very critical of my own art, I saw every little imperfection and it bothered me. Your friend is perhaps the same. I know it is not just art that I am overly self critical about but many other things in my life as well. Perhaps this is also the case with your friend. Perhaps she needs to feel more positive about things in general.

Praying is important but God can also use you to give her encouragement (not in a pressuring kind of way) in a loving way. Perhaps if she can feel her talent can benefit others in some way she may regain her confidence again.

Tell her how the picture she painted for you has lifted you and how special it made you feel. May be she could be encouraged to start small eg Christmas cards for people etc... may be sell a few for a church charity etc...

Hope your friend feels better soon.

God Bless

:rose: E :rose:
I am so envious of people who are able to draw and paint. I would love to be able to, but I simply do no have any talent in that area. I can barely draw stick figures LOL
i enjoy painting myself....i enjoy airbrushing...cartooning...and i enjoy digital art....
i also have my moods....bad moods at times....and the best thing i can do, to get over it,
is to get deep inside my mood and put it on paper, or whatever stands still long enough for me to paint it!....it helps me to work it out with myself....it helps me to figure out what im in my mood for....a kind of therapy i guess....

i would encourage your friend to put on paper, what she is feeling...and get it out of her in some form.

if she is anything like me, she is quiet and cant express what she is feeling that well with words...."PAINT IT!"

hope this helps,
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