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Paid For Moses ???

Moses' very own mother was paid to nurse and take care of him. Was God's plan not great? Exodus 2:7-8: Miriam, Moses' sister, was guarding the babe in the bulrushes and she knew whom to call when Pharaoh's daughter needed a nurse for him.
Winner !!!!! You have just answered the question correct !!! You're prize is a fully paid trip around the talkjesus website ! This includes the arcade , chat rooms, members list , along with photo's !!!! You also have access to you're very own journal to document you're wonderful stay at TalkJesus ! Have a great time ! :thumbs_up :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Staff Member
LOL brother.

Can someone please explain to me why his own mother was paid to due motherly tasks? I don't remember this particular story so please refresh my memory and enlgihten me :)