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Overcoming Narcissist abuse from my mother

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Recently the Holy Spirit has brought to my attention the lifetime of abuse at the hands of my narcissist mother! It has been very hard dealing with the emotions and memories flooding my life lately,. I believe the Lord wants me to heal from the abuse at this time and I have gone "no contact" with her. I am a born again christian and worry about the honoring my mother which God has commanded. I realize He knows all and has taken this time in my life to address it, however I find it hard to honor someone who is so horrible to me! I also realize I must forgive her, and I will in time. Please pray for me to have the ability to heal from a lifetime of abuse and still be good in God's eyes. Thank you and God bless you all
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Greetings @April Holton

The Lord wants you to have His peace not memories of pain and turmoil in your life.

Commit these feelings and emotions to the Lord and ask Him to lead you forward in peace.

If your mum is not saved.....then she is lost and in desperate need of a Saviour. Ask the Lord to help you to forgive and increase your love.

Blessings grace and peace to you

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