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Ovarian cyst surgery

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Amby, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Blessings to everyone!
    I know this is short notice,
    however i have a surgery set for tomorrow to have an ovarian cyst removed.
    This is my second surgery this year as ive experienced severe pains regarding it.
    The doctor told me it's covered pretty much one of my entire ovary.
    Due to this, the doctor states he would have to remove one of my ovaries. :confusion:
    Jesus is The Great Healer and i still believe in His intervention.
    Jesus told us where two or more gather in His Name, there He will be in their midst, in Matthew 18:20.

    My desire is that both ovaries will be kept and not one lost.
    Prayers for healing is requested so that only the cyst is removed.

    I appreciate and am thankful of the prayers of my brothers and sisters to our ABBA!
  2. Praying for you @Amby in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
  3. In the name of Jesus, I lift Amby up in prayer.

    Devil, take your hands off of this lady; foul cyst, all abnormal growth conditions, be dissolved in Jesus' name. Amen.
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  4. Glad to pray for your successful surgery!
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  5. @Amby

    Praying for you in your time of great trial. Our God is able in every situation.
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  6. GOD bless each and every one of you.
    ive took 3 oxycodone pills which is not safe but the pain was so unbearable.
    Please pray again in agreement with me that any potential adverse side effects has been thwarted.
    thank you for the intercessory prayers!
  7. Praying!
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  8. Continuing to pray.
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  9. GOD bless you all for your prayers!
    The surgery was successful and now im in the healing process!
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  10. ALL Praise and Glory to God!!
    Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Amen.
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  11. Giving God the glory for our sister!
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