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Out With the Trash

Staff Member
Out With the Trash - December 01, 2005

"All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines." 1 Corinthians 12:11

One morning as I was circling the neighborhood during a brisk walk, I noticed an unusually high assortment of large, unwanted items placed on the curb for trash pickup. They varied in size, shape and state of deterioration, but each one had served an exact purpose for which it was created.

For instance, the first item I came upon was a well-used, worn out floor mat bearing huge letters that said "WELCOME" on the front. At one time I am sure it laid proudly at the entrance of the home it was a part of, shouting to "Come In", "Enjoy", "Make Yourself at Home". How inviting and sweet was the gift of hospitality it was designed to be used for.

Then, I saw a beautifully crafted wooden end table laid out among the garbage. The intricate inlay within the wood grain stunned me. It was rich, beautiful and very well designed. Its legs were still sturdy and gave necessary support to hold and bear anything placed on it. It was an example of a strong leader that had been created to hold up those around it, providing direction and encouragement when needed most.

Next, a wooden art easel appeared in front of another house. Oh, how wonderful it must have felt at one time to be standing there, just waiting for the one-of-a-kind creation of its master's hand; never knowing what was going to be laid out and painted within its frame, but thrilled to see the end result.

Around the bend, I couldn't believe my eyes. There laid an overstuffed, welcoming, colorful sofa. Yes, it had been tattered and torn in places and the stuffing was coming out, but it was so comfortable and fluffy; an inviting place to sit and relax. I was thankful for the temporary mercy my body was given as I took a moment to rest my weary legs and feet.

After my short rest, I continued on and saw several roles of wall-to-wall carpeting piled high on top of each other. I thought of the many feet that had passed over that carpeting, bringing messages of joy, hope, comfort, excitement and every other emotion that is found within a home. If that carpet had a voice, it could tell of many words spoken; perhaps even witnessed a miracle or two of God's grace upon it. It may have even held the feet of an evangelist, proclaiming the Word of God to all that entered that home and beyond the walls that encased it.

As I rounded the corner to head home, I saw an ornate mirror gently placed between large trash bags. It had been cracked and damaged and was no longer useful- or so I thought. But, as I glanced at the mirror, I thought of God's grace and mercy for those who have been hurt, disfigured or broken, making them feel useless too. As His hand of healing was placed upon them and they were made whole, I was encouraged to know that we all can be restored by His touch and made to reflect back His glory once again.

And finally, I saw a very relaxing chair placed on the side of the road. Although this chair's primary purpose was for someone to sit in it, I was taken further to see all of its usefulness. I imagined it to be a chair of prayer, offering intercession, praise and petitions to our God Most High. How precious had that old, worn out chair now become in my eyes.

As I entered my house, I thought of each of these throw-a-way items and how they had a very special connection intertwined within them. It was a picture of the body of Christ and His church. They emulated how each of us has been given a very special purpose or gift from the Holy Spirit to be used to further God's Kingdom.

We know that God can still use us in so many ways, even if we feel beaten down and thrown out with the trash. He instills in us one or many of His precious gifts, each one as important as the next. While we still have hearts beating and breath in our bodies, may we rise up and join together to use ALL of these gifts to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to our homes, neighborhoods and around the world. And, may God be pleased and glorified as we thank Him for the gifts He has personally chosen for each one of us!

Contributed by Diane Check
True that brother ! All have great worth in Gods Kingdom , even if we at times don't think so . Peace brother . Mike
So many times we reject and "throw away" those that come into our lives as "worthless" or of "no account"

Thank God that he sees our "broken" vessels as useful for his kingdom.
(and makes all things new)

not only does he see our value, He paid the "ultimate" price for us!

Being that God values us so much to redeem us by the precious blood of Jesus, Why do we treat each other with contempt and distain?

That was a wonderful devotional today Chad, Thank you for sharing it.