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Out of Control

Staff Member
Out of Control - August 09, 2005

"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener." John 15:1

My husband loves working in the yard. The rose bed on the side of the house is one of his projects. After several weeks of neglect, he went out this morning and found the bed in disarray.

The bushes were out of control. Some of the stems were taller than the windows. Leaves were chewed up from bugs and spotted with black mildew fungus. Worst of all, the buds were small, few, and malformed. That's not too good, since the whole purpose of the bushes is to enjoy the flowers.

He got busy cutting them way back. Then he sprayed for insects, fertilized, and mulched the bed. It looks great now. Soon we'll have beautiful, large roses to cut for the kitchen table. He will have to go back and tend to them again soon, however, if the bushes are to stay in good shape.

When left to my own devices, how quickly I get out of control. I go in all kinds of directions, lose my calm and get "buggy". The worst part is that the 'fruit', or what is produced, is small and unhealthy.

How wonderful that I have Someone to prune and discipline me so that large, beautiful roses will be the result. Now, all I have to do is let Him.

Contributed by Sally I. Kennedy

Thanks for that Chad. The Holy Spirit pruning us is not always what we want, but it's worth it in the long run. What God has been speaking to me very much about recently is how deeply I am rooted in Him. Part of being rooted in Him means I need pruning!!!