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Out of all the 12 tribes of Israel there was only one ruling Queen [consort]. And she rule for 6 years. "Athaliah".

It would seem that we are required to proclaim the whole counsel of God according to that which is written in His Word. I always wondered when I would read the Bible through all of these 40 plus years when I would come across "Queen consort " Athaliah" in the book of 2 Kings chapters 8-11 and 2 Chronicles chapters 22-23 in the Hebrew bible, that I have still never heard any pastor, teacher, or Christian brother or sister relate to this story of the Bible of this woman being a "ruling Queen of Judah.

I have heard many relate to "Esther" who was not a ruling Queen but was the wife of a "Persian pagan King" who ruled over the Jewish nations, who she better please.

I heard stories about the Moabite who name is "Ruth" who laid down at Boaz's feet.

I have heard about "Deborah " a judge of Israel and not the "leader" but a judge just like "Samson" who would not let or wanted the position as leader of Israel neither took it , same as "Gideon" who refused to be made leader of Israel, and took not that position.

But we have here, "Athaliah" ruling Queen of Judah" for 6 years. And no one it seems, want to talk about her, except for "The Word of God". Remember, just because a woman is a queen does not means she is a ruler of a kingdom or of the people. Most likely she is a queen only because she is married to a "King"! She is a subject to a King!

That is why this woman, who was a Ruling Queen [consort] of Judah, I think should be discuss, and not looked over!
Now ask yourself, have you ever heard a sermon or lecture or discussion about the only Reigning Queen among the 12 tribes of Israel, for she Reigned for 6 years. Every time I read the Bible from front to back her story fascinate me. And she always remind me of "Nero's" mother. The Nero who put Apostle Paul under house arrest in Rome and then after, put Paul's head under the ax of the executioner. Oh how the Bible is filled with so much extraordinary stories on how " The Almighty God" has dealt with mankind, that leaves a child of God, fascinated.!
Her Mother, was " Queen Jezebel" and her father was, "King Ahad", I think that should be enough. If Elijah the prophet ran from "Athaliah" mother, you can imagine what kind of Queen she was!

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