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I dont know whether that this is the right place to post this but I thought it would be a good place to post since it should give you all much hope in your prayers...

about 4 months ago my mum was seriously ill. I was away for work at the time but she was constantly vomitting so my sister took her to the hospital. her condition kept getting worse and worse. she was admitted to hospital on a tuesday and wednesday evening they induced her into a coma. Her condition kept getting worse. on the Wednesday and Thursday her life was slipping away and the Wednesday night she came moments from death as she was on life support and had machines keeping her alive. What actually happened is that she had a liver failure and that also caused her kidney to pack up and also caused a heart attack. On the Thursday which is the day I arrived home they were talking about her needing a liver transplant and she was the number one priority in Aus and NZ for a liver. My dad signed the papers to go ahead with the liver transplant as they said that she had no hope of her liver refunctioning and no hope of survival without the transplant. Also having the transplant there was a big chance she could die also especially with her heart complications. so yeh things got to the stage where they couldnt get any worse. We had the whole church praying for her and I had friends accross america also praying for her. The wednesday night she nearly died was the first wednesday prayer meeting for our church as they were usually on a friday so it couldnt have been better timing for the wednesday prayer meeting. on the friday things still werent looking good but she was only slightly better which was great news, by lunch time that day we were told that her liver started refunctioning and that she wasnt going to have to have the transplant which was amazing!!! from then on even though she wasnt out of the woods yet just kept on improving....a week later she was awake from her coma and got transfered to a high dependancy ward and was on her way to recovery!! this was an absolute miracle....another week later so two weeks from being admitted she was at home and another two weeks later she was back at work full time!!! and shes doing really well now!! I know that witout gods intervention that she would have certainly died, and without all the prayer. This really proves how amazing the power of prayer is!!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD!! for a moment I thought I was going to lose my mum but god brought her back!! to tell you the truth even with all the support from church, friends etc...I was not coping with it well at all!! but god pulled her through for us!!! OUR GOD IS AN AMAZING GOD!!!!
by the way please be praying from my mum, as she has been suffering from a really bad case of rheumatoid arthritis for the last 5 years or so and is constantly very low on energy and in lots of pain
Amen to that Craig. That is an awesome miracle indeed. I get so excited when I see what God is doing - there's much more to come. I will remember your mum in prayer.
man that was awesum!!

i have shivers down my spine...(could also have 2 do wif, im cold)... but i love hearing what God can do in pplz lives!!!
Craig, What a wonderful testimony. God's intervention in our lives is a constant source of hope for all of us. Thank you for sharing. It helps the rest of us to hope for our loved ones!

The RA is such a struggle. Am agreeing with you that your mom will be receiving much relief in the future.