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Our churches in danger of speech

congress is in the process of passing a hate-crimes language bill that will interfer with the Children's Safety Act. this bill will place restrictions upon speech and thought. It's conceivable that preaching the truth about homosexuality could be a criminal act if this language is passed into law. This bill will take away from the church on moral teachings. This bill takes away from some Anericans at the expence of others so plese contact your local represenative and tell them know how you feel on this matter But do support the H.R.3132 Protection of children against sex offenders act '' if '' the Local Law enforcement Hate Crimes Proction Act, H.Amdt. 25 " is not part of the final bill
remember this bill if passed will hold the church in silentcing their tongue on moral teachings
Sounds strangely similar to what was already passed in Canada. I what rumored last year if a bill like that passed in Canada it would not be to long before it made it's way to the U.S.

There have been similar bills in congress in the past, and thank God they failed, if this bill is like others, God willing it too will fail.

Peace be with you,
Your Brother in Christ,
Well all I have to say is Jesus come quickly !!!!! I wll go to prison if I have to for speaking the truth.
Staff Member
I can't wait to go to prison if the bill passes. :D

I'll scream and shout louder than ever before to Glorify our awesome GOD.

...and the end is coming and for those who hate GOD will receive a bill they cannot pay for
Chad said:
I can't wait to go to prison if the bill passes. :D

I'll scream and shout louder than ever before to Glorify our awesome GOD.

You're not the only one!!!!

Stay Real
it's funny you all say you will all go to jail now, Just like all of Jesus's desciples said they would not denie Him and Jesus said to Peter you will denie 3 times before the rooster crows
faith is dead without works James 2:26
so are you still gonna say you'll go to jail or will you gives Gods' work in this world
to prevent the evil 1 from pulling others away from our Heavenly Father
Add works to your faith.!!!!!!!
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