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When in The Stillness

I was reading in 1 Corinthians 10 for my quiet time with the Lord on 9/26/11. The children of Israel had experienced all of God’s blessings and provisions, as well as his guidance, leadership, and protection in bringing them out of slavery, and yet God was not pleased with them because they did not obey him. They wanted the blessings of God absent of obedience. Their lives are examples for us to keep us from setting our hearts on evil, and from becoming followers of idols, instead of followers of God. May we set the right kind of example of God’s love.

When in The Stillness / An Original Work / September 26, 2011

When in the stillness
Of this moment,
Speak to me, Lord,
I humbly pray.
Be my desire,
Set me on fire,
Teach me to love always.
Help me to walk in
Fellowship with You,
Listening to You;
Sit at Your feet.
Whisper Your words to me,
Oh, how gently,
Guiding me in Your truth.

While we are waiting
For Your blessing,
Lord, in our hearts
Be King today.
Help us to live for
You ev’ry moment,
List’ning to what You say.
May we not stray from
Your word within us,
Help us obey You,
Lord, in all things,
Walking each moment,
Lord, in Your presence,
Our off’rings to You bring.

Help us to love You,
Lord, our master;
Be an example
Of Your love,
Helping the hurting,
Lift up the fallen,
Showing them Your great love.
Teach them to love You,
Follow You always,
Bearing their cross and
Turning from sin;
Walking in daily
Fellowship with You,
Making You Lord and King.

Love Never Fails

8/20/12: It is difficult for me to read this passage of scripture without coming under the conviction of the Holy Spirit in one way or another. I am always growing in this area of learning to love others with God’s love. God has gifted all of his children with spiritual gifts, but if they are not motivated by love, then they are just noise. Or, if the gifts are motivated by love, but we are guilty of not loving others in the process of using our gifts, then it amounts to nothing. I want to love others with God’s love and not have my gifts accounted for nothing, or to be just noise because they are not exercised in love. Help me Jesus to love like you love.

Love Never Fails / An Original Work / August 20, 2012
Based off 1 Corinthians 13 NIV

If I speak
With tongues of men and angels,
But do not have love,
My speech is but noise;
It sounds like thunder from above.
If I have the gift of preaching,
Knowledge, faith and prophecy,
But I do not love my brothers,
Oh, what vanity!
If I give all I possess
To help a neighbor who’s in need,
But I do not love my sisters,
I gain not a thing.

Love is patient; love is kind;
It does not envy; is not proud.
It is not rude; not self-seeking;
Selflessly gives out.
Love does not delight in evil,
But rejoices with the truth;
Protects always; hopes and trusts,
And always perseveres.
Love is not easily angered;
Keeps no record of the wrongs.
It forgives when wrong’s intended;
Returns hate with love.

Love will never fail when it is
God’s love reaching out through us,
Selfless in its care for others;
Yielding to the cross.
Prophecies and tongues
And knowledge,
Wisdom, teaching, miracles,
Gifts of healing, helping others –
These will all be stilled.
When perfection comes
The imperfect will surely disappear.
Faith and hope and love remain;
The greatest of these, love.

Remain in Him

This song is based off John 15:1-17 where Jesus asks us to remain in him, to remain in his love, for his words to remain in us, and for us to be his disciples, bearing much fruit for him.

Remain in Him / An Original Work / September 23, 2011

Based off of John 15:1-17

Walk in fellowship with
Jesus, Savior and friend.
He’s invited you to
Be His servant again.
Obey all His commands,
And do all that He says.
Sit at His feet each day.
Worship Him for always.
Call Him master and King.
Obey Him in all things.
Turn from all of your sins.
Live in vict’ry again.
He’ll restore you today,
If you call Him and pray;
Forsake all of your ways;
Take up your cross today;
Follow Him for always.

Follow Jesus your friend
Where He leads you today.
Abide always in Him.
Let His words dwell within.
If you remain in Him,
Bearing fruit from within,
God will answer your prayers,
Because for you He cares.
Be His followers now.
Remain in Jesus’ love.
You will know peace within;
Comes from heaven above.
Love your neighbors and friends,
And your enemies, too.
God will call you His friend.
He will ne’er forsake you.
He has appointed you.

Blessed Are You

We are blessed (favored; cared for; provided for; protected; and/or gifted) of God when we are poor (humble) in spirit, when we hunger and thirst after righteousness, when we have sorrow and anguish in our hearts over lost sinners or wandering Christians, and when we are hated and rejected because of our faith in and our testimony for Jesus Christ. We are to rejoice that we are counted worthy to suffer for the sake of the gospel. Yet, we must be careful to love those who hate us by praying for them, by doing good (what is beneficial) for them, and by saying kind things about them. We should always treat others the way in which we want to be treated. And, it is of no credit to us if we love only those who love us. We must show the love and mercy of Christ even to those who despise and mistreat us.

Blessed Are You / An Original Work / August 29, 2012

Based off Luke 6:20-49 NIV 1984

“Blessed are you;
Blessed are you who are poor
For God’s kingdom is yours.
Blessed are you;
Blessed are you who are hungry,
You’ll be satisfied.
Blessed are you;
Blessed are you who weep now,
For you will laugh with joy.
Blessed are you;
Blessed are you when men hate
And reject you because of Christ.”

“Rejoice in that;
Rejoice in that day and
Leap for joy; great your reward.
But I tell you;
But I tell you to love those
Who hate you; do them good.
Pray for those who;
Pray for those who treat you wrong
And say kind things of them.
Do to others;
Do to others as you would have
Them do; have them do to you.”

“If you love those;
If you love those who love you,
What praise is there for you?
Because Christ is;
Because Christ is kind,
Be merciful, just like He is.
Forgive others;
Forgive others their offense
Against you; be ye kind.
Hear My words and;
Hear My words and put them
Into practice, then you’ll be fulfilled.”

In Harmony

This was the third song in a row the Lord gave to me on the subject of love for God and loving others. I pray I will learn from these messages in song (Scripture put to music) the lessons he wants me to learn on the subject of loving God and loving others.

In Harmony / An Original Work / September 2, 2012

Based off Ro. 12:9-21; 1 Pet. 3:8-15

Love each other truly.
Cling to what is good.
Hate all that is evil.
Never lack in zeal.
Serve the Lord with fervor.
Joyful in hope be;
Patient in affliction;
Praying faithfully.
Honor one another.
Live in harmony.

Share with all God’s people
Who are found in need.
Do not be conceited.
Sympathetic be.
Love, and show compassion
In humility.
Keep your tongue from evil.
Peaceful you must be.
Honor one another.
Live in harmony.

God sees who are righteous;
Listens to their prayers.
But He’s against evil –
Is His to avenge.
Do not fear what they fear.
Suffer patiently.
In your hearts, make Christ Lord.
Serve Him faithfully.
Honor one another.
Live in harmony.

Your Servant

This song is a prayer to my Lord, expressing how much I love his daily presence with me as I go throughout my day walking in his footsteps, listening to him speak, and having him teach me how to live and work for him; expressing my heart’s desire to be his witness, to tell others of his love and grace, to serve him only as my Lord and master, and then to be an example of one who has truly been set free from the power of sin and death, and set free to walk humbly in obedience to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I truly identify with the words to this song. I want to serve my Lord only and not my own flesh. It does not mean I deprive myself of what he has given to us to enjoy, or that I don’t take enjoyment and pleasure in food, nature, art, a song, etc. I enjoy many things which are good things or that are A-moral, meaning they are neither good (healthful) or bad (sinful). Yet, I should not make my flesh my god or the things I enjoy my gods, but my Lord should be my only God, and he is the one I should obey and follow and desire above all else. My life should be complete in him, and I should be content with him alone.

Your Servant / An Original Work / September 21, 2011

Lord, I love to have You near me
As I go throughout my day,
Walking daily in Your footsteps,
As I humbly pray.
List’ning to You, hear You teaching
Me to live and work for You,
Lord, I pray You lead and guide me
Daily in Your truth.

Lord, I want to be Your witness,
Telling others of Your grace;
Telling how they can be set free
Of their sins today;
Share with them the love of Jesus,
He died on a cruel tree,
So that we’d be forgiven
For all eternity.

Lord, I want to serve You only,
As I bow on bended knee,
Making You my Lord and master,
And Your servant be.
Humbly walking in obedience,
Doing what You say to me,
Lord, may I be an example
Of one who’s set free.

Pray, Pray, Pray

Prior to the Lord giving me this song on prayer, he gave me three songs in a row on the subject of love, mainly on loving other people. Whenever I study the scriptures on the subject of loving others in the Bible I am reminded of how much I still need to learn and practice in this area of loving others as Christ loves me and showed his love by giving himself for me. The second most convicting subject for me is this subject of prayer. My prayer life can always stand improvement, especially in the area of praying for others’ needs and requests. So, as I share this with you, I also sing it to myself and pray God will continue to teach me to love as he loves and to pray for others’ needs and requests.

Pray, Pray, Pray / An Original Work / September 6, 2012

Based off Various Scriptures

Pray that eyes may enlightened be,
So they may know Christ.
Pray that they may Him better know,
Strengthened by His pow’r.
Pray that they may grasp
How wide and long
And high and deep
Is Christ’s love.
Pray that they may be filled
To the fullness of God’s love.
Pray with thanksgiving.

Pray for an open door for me,
So I may share Christ.
Pray when the gospel is proclaimed –
Shared with clarity.
Pray words are given me so
I declare the gospel fearlessly.
I pray for you to be active
Sharing your faith, too.
Pray continually.

We oft not know for what to pray,
So we ask for help.
The Spirit intercedes for us –
Words cannot express.
Just keep on praying for the saints
With all kinds of requests to God.
Pray they may have faith to
Please their God in ev’ry way.
Pray with joyfulness.

Your Love Offering

So many times I think we take our God’s love for us, and what he did for us in saving us from our sins and in setting us free, for granted, and we forget to thank him for all that he has done for us. So, this song is a song of thanks to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – for his/their love offering to us for when the Father sent his One and Only Son to die on the cross for our sins so we could be free.

Your Love Offering / An Original Work / September 13, 2011

Thank You, Lord, for Your love,
Dying on a tree,
So we’d be forgiven,
Live eternally.
Thank You for Your kindness,
Your love offering,
When You shed Your blood,
So we could be set free.
Thank You, Lord, for Your cross,
Dying for our sins,
So we’d live in vict’ry,
Purified within.

Thank You, Lord, for Your life
You gave for our sin,
Giving us a new life,
We’re made whole within.
Thank You for Your mercy.
You paid what we owe.
When we turn from our sin,
Your grace freely flows.
Thank You, Lord, for conq’ring
Death and sin and hell,
So we’d walk in freedom,
With You now to dwell.

Thank You, Lord, that You will
Soon come for Your bride.
Perfectly You made her
To with You abide.
Thank You for Your Spirit;
Our God, three in One,
Giveth us salvation,
Through God’s only Son.
Thank You, Lord, for Jesus!
He’s our King of kings!
He will reign forever!
Our praise to Him bring!!