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Ok...so last night I was half asleep when my roommate delivered the message that a specific company wanted me to come in for a job interview today. This particular company has multiple locations in the city I live, and apparently I misunderstood which one...haha! I had no idea, so I was at the location I thought correct 30 minutes before my scheduled time, and they were quite unaware of my interview. At this point I had no idea it was the wrong location....and neither did they. Apparently they were used to miscommunication among management team members; and simply gave me the interview and offered me a job anyhow. Then when I got home, the roommate asked how it went. When I explained the curious situation I was informed that the location i went to wasn't the right one at all! So I unintentionally "skipped out on," my scheduled interview, while proactively attending one I was not scheduled for. However, it's too late for me to go across town and rectify the absence, my phone has no minutes on it, the roommate left, and the company has no contact email or individual store website...SMH! Thus, I suppose after church tomorrow I'd best go in person and apologize. There are some morals here I think: 1) make sure one has time on the phone..haha! 2) Make sure one knows where they need to be 3) Hire a better roommate/receptionist; LOL! (The information first received was not entirely accurate), and finally 4) Never give critical information to a person who is only half-conscious!
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Blessings on your new job as well!

The way things usually work. You'd of gone to the correct location and they would have needed to contact the other location to get approval to give you the job. :) God just cut out the middle man!!!

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
HAHA IKr! Yeah it isn't like me to have such clearly avoidable errors..usually I would have double/triple checked the info gotten the night before. Thus is what I get for choosing to "cut a corner," and presume what I thought was the case. It turned out for the best though, later yesterday I received interest from PetSmart for an inventory manager position paying significantly more, with immediate benefits...and also received interest for an associate manager position with Family Christian Stores. I am definitely praying and hoping for Family Christian of course; pays a bit less than PetSmart; but to me there is a priceless value in working where I can openly and boldly proclaim Jesus and get paid to do it eh? Plus they are far more willing to give me Sunday off, which is also a huge factor so my church attendance and spiritual growth aren't impacted.
Whichever direction the Good Lord leads you, he put you there for a reason. Upon his ordination, David Livingston was hoping to join an established nearby church instead of being selected for the mission field in what is now Uganda. Somewhere is a happy balance, and the Good Lord will help you find it. Phil 4:8
Oh I know..LOL! I have some experience getting the answers I need as opposed to those I want. I have not closed my mind to God's will being paramount; just would be the bees knees to get the job at FCS. Who knows though, today just started...ha ha...the field of play could be much different by days end; especially since it is Monday and personnel directors will be reviewing and following up on things done since Friday. I've made the mistake of "kicking in the wrong doors," and reaping the consequences so I won't be pressing the results.
Man cannot usually see where he is going beyond the 1st step when that step is lighted by God. So long as you see that step and step into it according to the Light, you will not go wrong. Hopefully that is where you are in your job interviews as well.

Give God the glory!