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Only You keep me Jesus, or else I'd be...

Loneliness and depression
I think they're friends
I knew them once
From a far distant land,
They would follow me wherever I went
At nights they brought tears
And even tried to bring death
But one night I heard a whisper in my ear
That said I'll be a better friend
I'll bring contentment, rest, an everlasting joy
No more wet pillows, I'll bring you life and worth
Loneliness and depression tries to follow me sometimes
I see them in the corner of my eyes
They really want me badly
They even try to grab me
But my new friend Jesus has a tight hold on me

I know, what you mean. Christians don't live all time in fun and joy, even them are getting sad some time or have a bad day! But that is human life. Our joy is the joy of the Lord! Maybe not every day so close to us on earth, but Jesus said, that he'll wipe away one day all our tears! And our future in heaven is it worth to go on! Lift up your eyes into heaven, to Jesus, the son of God, our joy! Fall in love with him every day and every night! Then maybe, the bad days are becoming more rare!


Thank you so much for sharing that, i really needed that with the day i've had today.... Thanks again
Stay Real