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online love affair

hey guys, i know this topic is corny but, how will you know if ur girlfriend is the one that God's will for you? coz many of us teens often saying "she/he's the one" but in the end we end up being hurt, so is der any particular sign that she/he is the 1 for you?
Staff Member
God will make it very clear and obvious to you who is the "one". Trust in the Lord and remain patient, faithful. You will know for sure. She must godly as well brother.

God bless you.
I agree with Chad on that sober........ you will know when you have found "the one".
God bless
i think you really have to trust God first, before jumping in head first because you end up getting hurt.
Stay Real

it is not a corny post, for marriage is not like society would believe and something that it is easy to start and finish, it is a pact, a commitment in the eyes of God and as such in no way should it be taken lightly

for me to get married i had to be sure that the road i was walking down was the road that the Lord wanted. to be sure of this, both scooby and i spent a week on retreat the week before our marriage, placing not only ourselves, but our married life into His hands, seeking His wisdom and insight into this, and i guess checking in with Him that we where infact doing His will in getting married to each other.

trust and love my friend, as many have said before me.

God bless

They are the one that has such an awesome passion for God
They are the one that make you laugh so hard you cry
They are the one you go to for advice
They are the one that when your with them, reality is better then any dream
And when your away from them, you go to sleep tonight knowing that you will be that much closer to them
They are the one that when you look at them, you thank God every night that he bought them to you.

The Lord has "The One" out there for each of us, but as soon as you stop looking for them, God will bring them along, it's how it works!!

God Bless!