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One Tree

Staff Member
One Tree - November 03, 2005

"He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers." Psalm 1:3

Yesterday, during an early morning prayer walk, I realized the magnitude of God's Almighty majesty as I was surrounded by His own personal color palette streaming through the trees. One Maple tree in particular stood proudly, with its leaves dropping gently to the ground.

As I reached down to collect many of the leaves that had already fallen, I looked carefully at this fine artwork. The leaves were filled with an array of coordinated patterns, bold and amazing colors and a delicate lifeline of veins. I realized the personal touch given to each leaf and how each one was truly one-of-a-kind. Only a loving, kind and gracious master designer would bring this kind of beauty into the world.

And, as I stood there admiring this one tree, I thought about how sad it would have been if God had created only one tree for us to gaze at. Although the color would change each year, our interest would grow dim since we would have nothing to compare it to. It would become so commonplace that we would easily lose our marvel at it as the years passed. After a while, no one would even notice it.

But, God didn't just give us one tree to admire- He gave us forest after forest filled with magnificent bursts of color showing the most exquisite pantones. The master designer shows some of His greatest work with the intricacy of each tree born.

Now, imagine ourselves as trees- standing tall, full of color, beaming with brightness, torn and tattered in some places, perhaps with a hole or two in the leaves from valleys we've endured. Each leaf shows the wear and tear of a journey we have been placed on by our own master designer. But, through it all, we were never alone, and the one that breathed life into each branch stood by our side. And, like each leaf, the beauty comes after an abundance of time in the "Son" and much water- actually living water saturating our roots.

As the fall foliage surrounds us, let us join together as many Christian "trees" to build a strong and impenetrable forest. With our faith in our precious Lord Jesus, we can gain strength, proclaim His truth and stand upright in the midst of adversity. God equips each of us individually to serve Him and His kingdom work, but as we come together as brothers and sisters in Christ, let us be reminded that we are like the mighty Oaks, stalwart Redwoods, dancing Maples and peaceful Dogwoods in God's woodlands.

As you glance at these last few days of autumn, be sure to reflect on Gods' fresh filling of His goodness and grace. May we all be as beautiful, righteous trees in the eye of our Creator. After all, we are His divine artwork!

Contributed by Diane Check


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