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One Small Business Makes a Big Difference

Staff Member
Just Jars Me, a company that offers unique mail order gifts arranged creatively in jars for a variety of occasions, donated $1,200 through its "Time to Give Back" program to Children International. Through this program, a dollar from each purchase of the "Building A Snowman" gift jar was donated to Children International. As a result, the dollar donations from the sales were used to build a playground for needy children in the Las Minas community of Honduras.

Many children in impoverished communities, like Las Minas, don’t have a safe place to play. Often they play among trash in alleys or in polluted fields, risking injuries. Play is a significant way for children to discover themselves and the world around them. It’s a way for children to develop their self-esteem, confidence and independence. So, this donation provided needy children with not only a safe, secure place to play, but with a place to develop their sense of self.

"When I read the letters from the mothers in Las Minas and looked at the photos of the smiling children on the playground, it brought tears to my eyes," said Michele DeGrace with Just Jars Me. "Our kids, family, friends and business associates were so impressed with what our dollars did and the time frame it took from start to finish. I want to encourage companies everywhere to reach out to those in need. Every dollar can make a difference."

Corporations or organizations that are interested in making a difference in the lives of poor children should call Children International at 1-800-888-3089 to make giving arrangements.

Hi Chad: I do donate to C.C.F. each month in sponsering a child in South America. She is doing so very well. Just a question. Can I donate a small amount to talkJesus, via credit card? I would like to send you $20.00 or so, just for a little help. Would that be okay? Let me know and thanks in advance.
Pixie:rose: P.S. My home malbox is not sending outgoing mail, otherwise I would have emailed you. Thanks again