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one of my favorite places

one of my favorite places where i find my self heavy hearted and needing total time with god is a place called econfina creek,
its the springs not to far from here. the last time i was there i was in alot of trials,this plae is defenantly the most awesome place i go there and i feel surrounded in gods presence. deep in the forest with fresh springs all around, the trees were all cloved in ivey twisted and climbing to the tops of the huge trees, leaves were golden,red, and yellow.leaves and acorns crunch beneath my feet and there is a bench back there over looking the springs where i sit, water flowing so peacefully its so clear and the sand on the bottom is white with every handful tiny little shiney pebbles,deer run through right in front of you.i look up and see the leaves fall around me dancing in the wind to the melody of fall, as if it has its very own song to sing. you can almost hear the music. its so breath taking. and the squarrels chase eachother up and down the trees as if they were playing tag. i breath in all gods beauty and there i find all the peace of the lord refill me and refresh me. i love the time i have with my creator and being in the midst of his glory and his presence,i could stay there forever right by that spring you can feel his presence in his creation.god bless you all, i love you all.:rose:
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Thank you for sharing your special place, alone with Him. I really appreciate your stories, Forever, please keep writing. That is a neat shellshell that you are displaying in your avatar from EconfinaCreek. I find that when driving and listening to worship music, I (careful while driving) enjoy passing by His trees, fields, flowers, weeds, and the sky, and not being concerned about my destination until I arrive. I thank our Father for His beauty.
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