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on my way to victory!!!!!

many of you know im a writer youve seen my work well today is the first step tio my victory what i have been dreaming of to day in the mail the editing company sent a contract for me to review and sighn so they can edit my book!!!! im sending the book as soon as i finish the last few chapters!!! paise god you are so faithful!!!! halelujah! im shaking and in tears right now but in tears of rejoicing !! glory to the lord of the most high god. thank you for your prayers and support i love you all so much this is the first step!!!!
Congradulations! I'm so happy for you!
God, you are so wonderful to bless our sister in her endeavors!
You are truly blessed fwj, again congrats, this makes my heart soar....almost as high as yours!
Staff Member
Amen I'm truly happy for you. I think GOD is about to use you for great things through great stories