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Old Fashion / Or Tradition ?

I wanted to start this thread to hopefully share something I learned from one of our members this week . As you all know , we had a very heated thread on Christian Rock Music . During the many opinions about what kind of music is good or bad , or right or wrong , I got a P.M. from one of our veteran Christians here at talkjesus . Now I love the new music , and all the great things I think the Lord is doing in our youth today . And I have not changed my mind about this music . But I did change my mind about what TDS52 was trying to say . TDS52 P.M. me and asked me a question that spoke for itself ! She asked me , what is wrong with the old traditional songs , and Hymns we all grew up on ? We I was lost for words to say the least ! I quickly changed my post and wrote TDS52 , and offered her an apology . Then the Lord spoke to my heart , and said , [What Good Is A Bunch Of Rocks Without Mortar ] ! Our Churches were built on traditions , and values . Although , I love to see our young Christians dancing and having a great time in the Lord , It will all fall apart without traditions , and values !

Our families are built on traditions . Our Countries are built on traditions . We all love the tradition of thanksgiving and christmas . Aniversary's , and backyard barbecues ! These are what bring us back home . And these are what we remember as we grow older . I thank God for the mighty work he does in our behalf . But I learned a lesson this week , that I will never forget again . I want my children free in the Lord , but we are going to bring some old traditions into our house . And when my children get older , Amazing Grace , and How Great Thou Art , just to name a few , will be the Mortar that holds the new things together ! Thank you TDS52 , for a lesson that will bless my house from now on ! Love Brother Mike :love: :boy_hug:
We must have traditional values because they are based on the Word of God. But the Lord gives us more revelation as time goes on- not just individually but as the body of Christ. Things that were lost in the dark ages He is restoring. It seem each century He brings back something that was lost buring that time. Each move of God has been the restoration of the basic doctrines of the church when there was no communication with Him for 100 's of years - grace, holiness,the power of God,faith, etc etc. But we shouldnt be like the pharisees and hypocrites that put Him in a box. Each church has a different personality as a whole made up of the people in it, just as indiviuals has personalities. Ways of worship are different and yes, even music. I love the contemporary worship music. But I don not think we should go so far that we cannot tell the difference in the worldly music from the Christian music.
Hey there, I'm an 18 yr old Texan who loves to rock out to TobyMac or Hawk Nelson any day... I am glad that churches are bringing in more contemporary music into their worship services, but if you take a good look to many of the new worship songs they are based on some of the oldest words of worship ever... the Psalms David sung to our Lord, the words of Job "Blessed be your name..", and many more. It's beautiful to take a look at the new songs coming in and seeing how they tie in with what was sung long ago. Although there are songs out there that have nothing to do with Jesus but are clean and lots of fun (Relient K's Mood Ring?) And the songs that talk about real life are also inspiring and encouraging (TobyMac's Irene or Stories). I'm thankful that God has provided a Variety of styles of music for his children to rock to... that come from "all walks of life". But bein' a southerner I could never completely let go of them good ole hymns!

"I'll fly away, O Lordy, I'll fly away..."