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Okay... I was already saved when I first came to this site but... I had slipped far away from my faith. Basically I shoved God away and I had decided I didn't want anything to do with Him. But then my friend, Ben, led me to this site and I talked with Chadi in the chatroom place. And as I talked to him he made me realize how much I love God. I praise Him for this site being here otherwise I would still be as lost as ever.
hi. im glad that this site help you. my friends helped me and i still am growing in faith. god bless you
Staff Member
I remember you Fredom :) GBU and GBU 2 jesusfreak :)

Spread the word about the site and help it grow! With your help it will be the BEST Christian community site on the net without any "off topic" conversations (unimportant topics that is like other sites have).
Iam glad my daughtor let me know about christain chat rooms. Talk Jesus forum is a blessing to me. i thank our Lord for people that makes it possible to have Talk Jesus on the site...Thank you.
Staff Member
Amen Al :) Praise Jesus for His works on this site. Its a miracle every day!
I am so glad that I came here, God led me here, I was just starting my first year of high school and I needed some support and I just went to a shercher I typed in Christian chatrooms, and it showed me Talkjesus. It was from God, and I have so many new friends here that I am always so happy when I get the cahnce to talk with my brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world, this is a site trulay Blessed by God!
Thank you lord that you gave us this site where we can meet, and talk to eachoter and encourege eachother, thank you lord I praise you in Jesus name, AMEN!:)
Many of us feel that Jesus led us here to talkjesus. On behalf of the others and myself may you feel warmly welcomed and always believe that the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ loves and cares for you.......so do we. We are blessed by you and love you sister.
Love your sis in Christ Tani.Gbu.
Freedomangel I believe this is one of the most heart warming quotes i've ever heard, Others deserve second chances. Will you be the one to give it to them?
Continue to grow in christ.
Your Brotha in christ:love:
I totally agree in giving others a second chance. I have been working with prostitutes and drug addicts lately. When they were reminded that Jesus does not judge them as the world does they reinvested their lives to jesus.I reminded them that the devil wants them defeated to keep them from growing and gaining real freedon in jesus. I have had many hug me and say that their lives are changed for the good and that I have made a difference in their lives. Some really turned around and others are trying. I do believe in second chances..hey..Jesus showed me mercy........and I have seen His mercy shown to these lost sheep who have been found. Nothing is impossible with God.Praise His mighty name .Amen.Bless your heart.....you warmed mine too.

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