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Ode to 1 John

I opened the word
It said to me
You really want to clearly see?
You cannot touch it
But you’ll feel
That my love for you
Is oh so real
First it told of a life appeared
Jesus Christ a man revered

I felt a joy
Creep up inside
There really was no place to hide
I could not run
I could not shut
A message pure
In my heart it cut
Eternal light and life are free
So cast your worries and sins on he

Then a test
An open heart
A warning clear right from the start
Remember this
Be careful too
One who hates me
Through and through
Test the spirits see clearly how
He came in flesh and is near you now

God is Love
His love is true
He gives his all to me and you
Rely on him
And know for sure
His sacrifice
Tells us more
His perfect love drives out all fear
So love your brother and keep him dear

Spirit is strong
You should seek
His word that way you won’t get weak
Know he hears
Pray, learn and grow
Continue daily
All this will show
He’ll keep you safe and keep you strong
Throughout your life and forever long