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Obeying Christ, Whatever the Cost

Staff Member
Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life
Revelation 2:10

Thank you Stephen,

A very good article and a very similar message to one I was reading today.
I will share it here and may it be another word in season for those who read it:

At the Call of Christ (from JR Miller Come Ye Apart)

They straightway left their nets, and followed Him.
Matthew 4:20

Their nets were probably all they had. It was with these that they earned their living.
Yet at the call of Christ they gave up all, cut themselves off from their means of support, and in simple obedience and faith went with Him.
That is just the way we all should do when Christ calls us. We should obey instantly and without questioning.

No matter how much the sacrifice involves, we should make it cheerfully for His sake.
Though to obey cuts us off from all our ordinary means of livelihood, and leaves us without provision even for tomorrow, we should not hesitate.
Christ takes care of His servants when they are faithfully doing His will.
He asks for absolute surrender to Him. He wants us to trust Him while we obey Him unquestioningly.

The faith in Christ which the gospel requires is the utter, unreserved devotement of the whole life to Him, and the unreasoning committal to Him for time and for eternity of every interest and hope.
The question what He will do with us or for us, how He will provide for us, should not for an instant be raised.
There must be no conditions in the following and the consecration.
We may not bargain with Him for an easy time, for ” ways of pleasantness,” but should simply give ourselves to Him absolutely and forever, to follow where and to whatsoever He may lead us.

The “straightway” is also important.
Many people are forever postponing duties.
But every call of Christ should be answered immediately.
Let us get this ringing gospel “straightway” into our lives.
Many people obey so laggardly, so reluctantly, and so long after they are called, that half the value of their obedience is lost.
Christ wants always instant obeying.
There is no tomorrow with Him.
Tomorrow He may not need us, or we may not be here to do the duty He now asks of us.