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Obesity has no excuse at all in a tropical climate.

In another thread, I had mentioned that obesity is a problem in America in terms of the fact that most American women are overweight.

I live in Florida. The weather here in Florida is perfect all 12 months a year for bicycle riding, walking, jogging, swimming (and there are hundreds of miles of beaches in Florida), and also growing healthy fruits and vegetables (oranges, bananas, lemons, grapefruit, avocados, broccoli, tomatoes, coconuts, and much more) that you can eat right out of your yard. With all of that, obesity has absolutely no excuse at all in a tropical climate. The southern half of Florida has a tropical climate. In fact, I am very surprised that the top 10 thinnest/healthiest states are not;

1, Hawaii
2, Florida
3, Texas
4, California
5, Louisiana
6, South Carolina
7, Mississippi
8, Arizona
9, Alabama
10, Georgia

In the northern states (Illinois, Montana, Michigan, North Dakota, Idaho, Maine, New York, Wisconsin, Colorado, Alaska, Nebraska, etc), they have long, dark, cold, and brutal winters that keep everyone indoors for 6 to 8 months a year, and naturally people in those states will be overweight due to lack of exercise, plus the growing season lasts only 2 to 5 months there. But in the southern states, in fact, really the Sunbelt in general, there is little excuse to being sedentary and not eating healthy. And in states like Florida and Hawaii that have actual tropical climates, no snow, no frosts, no freezes, there is zero excuse for being sedentary, sitting in front of the television every day, eating nothing but sausage and bratwursts, and pretending like it's 10 below zero outside with a roaring blizzard. As far as transplants from northern states go, if they are obese when they move to a tropical climate from a snowy one, they need to change their lifestyles, grow and eat more healthy fruits and vegetables, get out and about a lot more often, get a bicycle if they don't have one, get a couple bathing suits if they don't have one; a tropical climate is the best place to get active, eat healthy, and lose weight. It is no place to stay obese.

No frost, no snow, no ice = no excuse for obesity.
Staff Member
Greetings @Mercury1

Whilst I understand what you are saying and agree that society is gluttonous and obese.......I think you need to apply your beliefs to both men and women.

Here in Australia, look at some statistics

In 2014/15, six million Australians aged 18 and over were overweight (BMI of 25.0kg/m2 to 29.9kg/m2). This accounts for more than a third (36%) of adult Australians. More than 3.5 million Australian men were overweight, or 42% of all males aged 18 and over.

Just over 2.5 million Australian women were overweight, or approximately 29% of all females aged 18 and over.

Source Overweight and obesity statistics | The Heart Foundation
True but this also applies to some men. Unfortunately I happen to be one of them :(
Of course i would't disclose my weight though.

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