Obama's True Colors

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My Fellow Warriors and Believers in the Messiah,

We stand together to bring the truth to the world, no matter what the cost. I have waited this long to put this out because I know that you have been inundated with many bits of information from many different sources. Today I would like to give you what I would call a ‘wrap-up.”

First of all, I was waiting for the wolf to begin to show his true coat and today, just a little while ago, the Obama campaign threw 3 different news agencies off his airplane because they dared, as an entity, to approve the opposing candidate, McCain, as President. The last time I saw or heard anything like this was when Hitler took power. This is a Banana Republic act. When Chavez wants in, he denies access to any news agency that doesn’t say what he wants them to say when he wants them to say it. So goes the Obama campaign now

Let me just lay out what is out there today and why it is so important not only that we vote for the right President of the United States but for the Congress and Senate. [/SIZE]

A) Obama was born a Muslim. According to the Muslim nation, he is a Muslim. The Iranian news agency just said that he is not even an apostate because he has not declared himself a Christian after the age of 18, which means he is acceptable as a Muslim today.

B) Obama did not arrive in Chicago as a neophyte and get swooped up by all these bad leftists and get converted. Obama was trained at the feet of some of the greatest leaders in Marxism and Socialism. He has been a Socialist, Black Militant since he was a very, very young man. He has said this in his own words

C) He is a pawn of the Chicago machine. Whether he remains a pawn or not is not relevant to how you vote
D) He always had from the very beginning of his career, and still has, ties to Anti-American, Anti-Democratic, Anti-Free Market violent people who believe in the violent change of society

E) He is a complete Socialist and believes in the Marxist-Lenin principle of, “What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine - everybody equal.” That’s a bunch of baloney.[
I could list all the things but I am sure all of you have heard them already. This is not hearsay. If I were to say it in one sentence: Barack Obama is a Socialist, Militant, Anti-American, as we know it, who has a world view of a one-world government, believing the United States has been and is wrong. He is one of the most dangerous men in the history of our nation, who is about to be elected President if we are not careful

Do not believe that this election is over. I used to be involved in an area of security, which was called “Mis-information and Dis-information.” It means you create a specific fact that is untrue and by the time you finish creating it, it becomes true by the very fact that you have done away with the truth by overshadowing it with this untruth
Now what Barack Obama has been doing since the beginning of his career is nullifying any resistance. He wants you to believe that this race is over. It is way way far from over and this is why he always has problems finishing. He is not guaranteed to be President unless you do not go out there and vote - unless you do not cause the people to go out and vote. You must go vote, not just for the Presidency, but also for all the Senate and Congressional seats that are up for grabs. You must go and vote.

]Barack Obama would like you to stay home and declare him king of America. did a complete look at and analysis of what Barack Obama said before he was elected, before he was in office and everything he has done in these 2 years that he has been running for the Presidency. He has had a moving, changing, migrating opinion on everything he talked about, changing as the polls directed and dictated. You do not know who Barack Obama is. You do not know what he wants except that he is a Socialist and he wants the country to change. It is a statement of fact from him.

Barack Obama has raised almost 700 million dollars that we know about. More than half of those donations are illegal, many from verifiable foreign sources and yet no action has been taken. The Barack Obama campaign has tried to use intimidation and force by trying to implement Treasury Department and Justice Department action against any investigations. They even requested the Justice Department hold up the investigation of illegal voting until after the election, which of course then he is President and could do away with it altogether. He has hired thousands and thousand of lawyers, at least 5,000 lawyers in one state alone. I heard one of his representatives say that he is leading the largest law firm in history.
Let us not forget, that in order to get these funds, he made a deal, supposedly, with McCain not to use private funding and only use public funding, then he broke that promise. We have verifiable facts that you’ve heard over the networks now, that his collections and donations are fraudulent, and yet no action is being taken. The only action we have left is to vote. This man has staffers, which he does not claim, all over the Internet attacking sites and cleansing the bad things about his past. Keep in mind that he has prepared himself since he started going into the initial office to be acceptable to anyone who votes but yet to be nobody. If this man tried to get any other job in the United States that required even a basic Secret clearance, never mind Top Secret, he would be unqualified and he wouldn’t be able to be certified for that security clearance because of his conduct and associations. He would be absolutely untrustworthy and yet, as President, he would be cleared for the highest secrets in the land, including the nuclear football (suitcase).

Never mind if all these other things didn’t exist, look at the fact that he has had 128 days of experience in the Senate where he has done absolutely nothing
Let us not forget ACORN, which has literally deluged the voting booth with hundreds of thousands of illegal registrations, causing chaos in order to pervert the legal vote and steal the election. There were 200,000 in Ohio alone.

In a wrap, don’t use your energy and time trying to prove what is right and what is wrong and the accuracy of the statements you hear abroad.

Fact: Obama is an Elitist Socialist
Fact: He dislikes anything to do with free market. He believes the Socialist Republic, worldwide single government is the way to go
Fact: He is anti-religion. Anything having to do with Jesus Christ or the Judaic God, or any god that gets in the way of Socialism is against Obama’s beliefs
Fact: Obama is fully acceptable to terrorists and terrorist nations around the world. The Socialist Republics and leftist governments throughout the world want Obama elected
This is a very bad sign

Finally, I want to remind you that when Socialism moved across the communist areas, the only governments that were able to stand against Socialists were ones with strong Christian populations because Socialism can only succeed where there is lack of faith
This is what is happening here in the United States

I call upon you to do one thing – vote for anybody but Obama, doing all you can to get out the vote.

In closing, no matter who wins, I will be sending out a statement right after the election

Don’t panic – don’t be afraid. Do not let the economic situation or any other thing that looks like a major crisis cause you to compromise your faith, belief, or your stand for God and Democracy and a free-market society where all can be equal and where the sweat of your brow will be credited to you so you can live the life that you work for.
Then, in the mercy of God, and the people who believe in God, will provide for those who cannot provide for themselves but not for those who wish to sit, do nothing and be provided for.
Please forward this to everyone that you think should see this. Whether they agree or not, if you think they should see it, please send it

Bless you all

In Service to the King
Rabbi Moshe Laurie

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This is the most eye opening information i have ever read,next to what i have read on the harvestwarriors website.

We need to keep our eyes open.I have a funny feeling that history will not be so benevolent to Obama.

I am an African (so i should be proud of Obama), but for some spiritual reason, that guy sends chills down my spine.

I fear for America everyday.
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I will repeat what I've heard a family member say many times, Barack Obama has an anointing, and it is not from God. The way he captures people with his speeches, I find myself getting caught up in it. My sibling and I believe strongly that if Obama is not the anti-Christ, then he is the beginning of what is to come.
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It's nice to hear the opinions of others but what does the bible say about the anti-christ ?

When I was growing up I was a Michael Jackson fan, and I was told he was the anti- Christ because people would faint, scream and cry in his presence.

So besides capturing people's attention which is the job of all politicians.

What bible verses can we use to connect Obama or the USA as the country giving birth to the anti-christ ?

Would the anti-christ be able to say these words . " Jesus Christ is my Lord and saviour'' ?

Would the anti- Christ be the most obvious person, or the person no one would ever suspect ?

When Bush was elected he was also labelled the anti-christ, many thought the war in Iraq was his way of setting up power.

This was written for Bush
It is these things that are pillars of the system of those who serve the Devil. The man of sin will not be an atheist he will be a religious person and will have the backing of the religious world, just like our current President does. Remember that the false prophet is the one who causes worship of the Man of Sin (Rev 13). He will wage war with the backing of the religious establishment. He will talk of prosperity, propose to bring it, Just like our current President. He will seek power through violence just like out current President. There are indeed many more parallels between the current President and the coming man of sin than many people like to believe. He has done a great deal to force Israel to divide her land up .....

He has destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq Wonderfully

(Dan 8:24) And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

Yes Bush and the coming man of sin will speak of peace yet destroy many

(Dan 8:24) And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people

Bush has deposed two governments already and scoffed at their rulers

(Hab 1:10) And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them: they shall deride every strong hold; for they shall heap dust, and take it.

He claimed he did not need the world’s approval and decided to take it upon himself to Judge Iraq 'guilty'

(Hab 1:7) They [are] terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves.

Our attack was swift and we used as a key aircraft the F-15 Eagle and we came from the other side of the Globe(Hab 1:8)Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves: and their horsemen shall spread themselves, and their horsemen shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle [that] hasteth to eat.

Is Bush the antichrist? I don't think so, but brothers and sisters I have to tell you, I sometimes wonder ! Our current President's entire tone and that of his administration is not of humility but of arrogance, not seeking wise council, but of surrounding himslf with yes men. What kind of man can sit at the pinnacle of power and authorize torture? What kind of man steals elections and talks constantly of bringing 'democracy' to the places he destroys? What Kind of man can lie us into war, repeatedly? Are these that actions of a Christian or an antichrist?

Mark Watson

And that's one of many bush being the anti-christ studies. New president new blogs and opinions.

Well my eyes are on God, my future is in his hands I'm not worried.
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look i did not want obama to be elected either. but is our faith in god or the man. if we truly look at the facts of how this country is today and all the false "gospel" that comes from it. do people truly believe that we are worthy of gods grace and mercy after what we have done with it?

this country is going to go down for the wickedness of it whether it starts with obama or someone else is not for us to know until the lord lets us know. but even at that we are no better than the roman catholic church or the roman empire right now.

we are not worthy of gods mercy to begin with so what makes any of you think that we are more worthy of it now with all the wickedness and falsehood of this nation.

rizen 1 is correct show the scripture.
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Wow I'm in Afghanistan right now and I've fought in Iraq too. Looks like to some people in here I must be a really bad person.
God bless you brother and keep you safe (from a Navy vet with 2 Gulf tours in Persian Gulf I).

I feel as though I'll be spending many more hours in prayer now that the country has elected a new leader.
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Wow I'm in Afghanistan right now and I've fought in Iraq too. Looks like to some people in here I must be a really bad person.
Not me. I support what you do to defend this country's freedom and help those (innocent Iraqi people) from their ex-dictator (Saddam) while helping them develop a democracy in their country.

Everyone is entitled to their views on Obama. No one should accuse anyone else of anything, that would be unfair and judgmental.
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Not one person said anything about him being a bad person so I'm confused to his statements.

The thread is about Obama the bad guy.

Please quote the person who directed their words to you.
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True colors!

Wow I'm in Afghanistan right now and I've fought in Iraq too. Looks like to some people in here I must be a really bad person.
Hi Marine4Christ,
Your cool, don't worry, I'm in the same boat, I've been persecuted for what I have said. I don't let it get me down.

When your are accused, you know that you have touched some nerves. Be it good or bad, you will always have some one who will disagree with you.

Thank you for serving, I just prayed for you, God Bless!
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Hi guys.

I would urge all of you to read the thread "Obama and the Antichrist stage".

It is a fascinating discussion that might just answer your questions.

I believe that Obama is not the AntiChrist, but the Antichrist might hijack all the world euphoria and use it to set up his dominion.
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It's nice to hear the opinions of others but what does the bible say about the anti-christ ?

When I was growing up I was a Michael Jackson fan, and I was told he was the anti- Christ because people would faint, scream and cry in his presence.

So besides capturing people's attention which is the job of all politicians.

What bible verses can we use to connect Obama or the USA as the country giving birth to the anti-christ ?

Would the anti-christ be able to say these words . " Jesus Christ is my Lord and saviour'' ?

Would the anti- Christ be the most obvious person, or the person no one would ever suspect ?
I don't know if Obama is the anti-Christ, but he defnitely espouses and anti-Christ agenda.

All of the questions about his religious beliefs, his ethnicity, his "socialist" ideals...none of that matters to me.

I will say the following, It is not natural for people to be enamoured with the personality of ANY man or woman. In Scripture, whenever people started lifting up the Apostles, they were quick to redirect the people's focus to Jesus.

There is a gift of "charisma" which commands attention from people and makes certain individuals stand out amongst others. Obama has this. However, this is a supernatural gift: whether it is from God or Satan, it is beyond the natural realm. This is why people are referred to sometimes as being "mesmerized", so called after the Franz Mesmer who specialized in hypnotics and mind control techniques. The indicator about whether it is Satanic or not is where the attention is directed; those under the leading of the Holy Spirit direct attention to God. Those under the leading of an unclean spirit, direct the focus to themselves.

Whether a person is in the entertainment world, in politics, or any other arena, if people are all "caught up" in them, that is supernatural.

As I listen to Obama, it seems to me that his charisma is not Godly. His position in a number of areas just don't line up with the word of God.

God tells us not to sacrifice our children unto Molech, which is comparable to abortion. He also talks about the wickedness of having our skirts covered with the blood of the innocent ones, which is also represntative of abortion.

Yet, Obama supports abortion and even voted 3 times against a law to prevent children born after an abortion attempt from being kept alive. Obama condones murder, the murder of innocent children.

God says that for a man to lie with a man as with a woman is an abomination. He says that this burning in lust for each other among the same sexes is a vile affection.

Yet, Obama says that homoseuality is normal and their rights to engage in this lifestyle must be protected.

God says that there is no other name by which we must be saved other than Jesus Christ.

Obama believes that, while Christianity is his chosen religion, all religions are valid.

I won't go on, but the bottom line is that Obama supports position that are what God says are vile, abominations, and wicked. What else is he supposed to do as a politician? Well, as Huckabee said, Jesus was too smart to run for political office. If we cannot run for office without compromising on the word of God, then we don't run.

For myself, I cannot stand before the Lord and tell Him that I esteemed social change, racial progression, or economic stimuli to be more important than His Word.
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You hit the nail on the head Latterdays.

I'm in agreement with you. I'm shocked any believer would even dare support Obama at all. How can a believer support abortion, homosexuality, a man who practically denies Christ?
i agree that we should not support obama but i think the harsh judgement is the real killer here.

now concerning the anti christ. it is a spirit that has been in the world since christ was born. 1 john.
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Agreed. But I am not sure what is meant by "harsh judgment".

Are you saying people are getting to caught up in the man himself and losing sight of the fact that it is a spirit that is the problem, which can inhabit any person?

Or, are you saying that harsh words are being said against those who supported Obama as if they are not Christians?
As I See It

Welcome Return to the really good ol' U.S. of A.

The excitement is real because in Barak Obama the world sees the very best of America.

America in all its inclusiveness. America and its sense of limitless possibilities.

America in all its big-heartedness and tolerance.

Barak Obama is a hurricane of freshair after long years of looking at ugly Americans.

The belligerent, mindless America of Goerge Bush who comfortably, it was reported, sat out the Vietnam war in the bars of Dallas and Houston, but later had no hesitation in sending other men off to fight and die - and sometimes murder and torture.

I consider myself pro-American, but many English have not been for sometime because they despise the way every British family man on his way with his family to Disney, is treated at 'Passport Controll' like an al-Qaeda cell.

America changed overnight after the planes went into the World Trade Centre. Thereafter stepping off the plane the Brits were confronted by paranoid Americans, rude Americans, aggressive Americans - a reflection of the small minded man in the Oval Office.

The election of Barak Obama feels to be a victory for the world, and a reassertion of all that is enviable and good about the U.S.
America is back.....and embodied by that calm, eloquent, charismatic man who feels the he belongs to the planet.
Perhaps the fat men at the immigration desk may start learning some manners now that they have a President who is loved by the world.

But the hard work now begins. Obama inherits an America fighting two unwinnable wars, an Amerca with a broken 'Wall Street' an America soiled by images of torture chambers, and suchlike inhumanitarian scenes

History will record that Dubya's greatest crime was squandering the good-will that the world felt for America after 9/11.......... The world wants to love America. All in the West have a place in their heart for 'Uncle Sam' The ugly America of George Bush was a tragedy not only for his country, but for the whole human race. Barak Obama could give the world an America that shines a light of freedom, in these darkest of days.

But it is not just America that is on the ropes. The West sinks into wars that it can never win, and our financial systems are brought down by unfettered greed, we are left even doubting our way of life. And wondering if we still remain the good guys?

Hopefully that paranoid, arrogent, xenophobic America, throwing its weight around even as it went backrupt, can now be consigned to the past.........The America we love is back - the America that fought for freedom in two world wars, who sent its sons to pay for European liberty with their blood.

Its all down to Obama who radiates a quiet decency and goodness, just as surely as Franklin D, Roosevelt when he was elected to lead America out of the 'Great Depression' 76 years ago.

Critics say that Obama is a flash in the pan - a one term wonder like Jimmy Carter who arrived in a flurry of good intention, only to fizzel out when confronted by the hard reality of life in office. But Obama could never be another Jimmy Carter. Already he has more in common with Martin Luther King than the peanut farmer with the cheesy grin. What the critics of Obama miss, is that he is already a success. Because in that moment of victory he became an inspiration for generations to come.

"In this Election....on this day....America voted for change........In this defining moment Change has come to America" (Barak Obama) God Bless the Man may he be spared to realise the dream, and God Bless the great nation of America

Will we ever have a black Prime Minister in the U.K.? We can now.
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Yep this wonderful man (Barack Obama) voted,while a state senator in Illinois, to let minor girls get out of state abortions without telling their parents. He also voted that if a baby survived a partial birth abortion to go ahead and let it expire instead of helping it. He supports gay rights unabashadly. He is on video making a total mockery of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. He's not even in office yet and he's already talking about revamping government funded stem cell research. Yep America voted for change and we're gonna get it. God help us all.

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