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NYC Transit Strike: Prayer Time

God bless you and intervene in this situation for the people of your city Chad, in Jesus name.

Why do Yahweh gather the gentile to His tabernacle?

Yahweh gather the gentiles into His tabernacle because He promised Abraham that he shall be a father of all nations,that is why He changed his name from Abram(meaning:father of a nation)to Abraham(meaning:father of nations)Gen.17:1-6;Gal.3:8-9.And he also promised him a son,that will bring the Gentiles into His tabernacle by the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ to fulfill His promise .Gal.3:26-29.By the suffering and the sacrifice of Christ, we the gentiles are become the children of Abraham.Eph.1:3-14.
I pray..

I pray that God in his great wisdom will turn this into a great blessing for all those that listen to his son and do the father's will.
I also pray that many who aren't christian, soon will be because they turn to the LORD after seeing that their ways are not his ways.

Chad said:
NYC Transit Strike:
Time to pray as this is a serious issue and affecting millions of people and businesses in the worst way.
Perhaps we can all join together later this evening or tomorrow at a scheduled time in live chat for a live prayer?
God bless you
Praise God, a solution has been reached to end the mass transit strike!

Still we must continue to pray for the situation, because it will take time for workers to get the systems back up and running. Pray for the best possible employee unity and the most efficient restoration.

GOD move mightily in New York City. Amen!