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Nursing Home Living - Sort of living

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by bobpa, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. I'm 60, and in a nursing home, have MS, use a wheelchair to get around and am very lonely. Feel forgotten by the world. Stuck in here with very fewartvisitors, adding to the feeling of loneliness.

    Have been able to get a bible study going inside with someone comming in and doing a bible study too. That pchart is good. We pass around what we can (books, tracts,..) and have discussions about the bible and listen to Christian music and preaching.

    Still feel isolated, any suggestions to communicate with those in like situations?
  2. Greetings @bobpa

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely and isolated.
    But I rejoice knowing that the Lord loves you and that He knows all your circumstances.

    May I ask you a couple of questions to better understand your situation.

    Does the nursing home have a chaplaincy service. A chaplain may be able to put you in touch with other Christian's for some fellowship.

    Could you contact any local churches/ Christian fellowships to see if they are able to escort and assist people with disabilities and bring them to their services?

    You have access to the Internet ,, so you could research your local area for resources.

    Keep it in prayer and praise the Lord for the fellowship you do have now no matter how small

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  3. Hello @bobpa,

    The loneliness feeling is something I can relate to. I can recall a few times where I would be in the crowd & still feel lonely. Being alone & being lonely are not the same thing as some people seem to think.

    Now that I have gotten closer to God & his word. I have lost the feeling of loneliness. God has wrapped a sense of security around me like a warm soft blanket. I will pray for you without a doubt. Gods children should not feel lonely when we have God in our hearts, body & soul. I bet God is using loneliness as a way to turn a bad into a good for you. Matter of fact I KNOW he is. The more we figure out that it is less us & MORE him he WILL be your comfort, friend, companion & breath that you & I all have to have.

    If you ever want to chat just message me - I check in daily & hang around here a lot. SO feel free. Anyone that reads this for that matter. I like to chat too :)
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  4. Nursing homes the world over can be very lonely for its residents. Perhaps you can google the address and phone numbers of the other nursing homes within a couple of hundred of miles of you and ask the people in charge their to find pen pals (more of the people in nursing homes arent good with computers) for friendship. That will give you a social outlet and give others a relief to their own loneliness. You can even go outside your area, and make it nationwide.
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  6. Greetings @bobpa

    You quoted my reply to you here but did not post anything yourself?

    Just wondering if you had intended to share something.

    Let us know how you are doing, whether things have changed, if you feel able to.

    The Lord bless you
  7. I havebeen
  8. I have been in this nursing home since 2014.

    Sometimes I like it here but what would make it better is more people contact, phone, email or in person.

    Trying to write stories taking a piece of scripture and placing myself or character in the scripture story.

    Will try to come here more


  9. Perhaps you might feel lead to share some of your writings here @bobpa

    Looking forward to seeing you here again soon

    May the Lord bless you
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  10. Greetings Bob,

    how are you doing?
    Keep in touch!

    Bless you ....><>
  11. Lord Knows,

    I have trouble using this site. In typing and navigation. Sorry I didn't reply in so long, been having computer problems and looking for a new one very soon.

    There is not any chapla
  12. (See I have problem
  13. Hi @bobpa

    What problem do you experience?

    I will try to help :smile:

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