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Numbers for an Emergency

this is somethini found in a book of mine an i thought that i would shar it with ya´ll!!


-with sorrow turn to John 14

-when ppl fail u turn to Psalm 27

-when u want to
bring fruit turn to John 15

-when u have
sinned turn to Psalm 51

-when u r worried turn to Matthew 6,19-34

-when ur in danger turn to Psalm 91

-when god seems
so far away turn to Psalm 139

-when ur lonley
and scared turn to Psalm 23

-when ur believe
needs to be
strengthened turn to Hebrews 11

-whe u become
bitter turn to 1Chorinthians 13

-when u want
to know Pauls
secret of
happiness turn to Colossians 3,12-17

thats the first part....2nd will follow!!
heres the 2nd part!!

-when u need new ideas turn to 1Corinthians 15,15-19

-when ur really down turn to Romans 8,31-39

-when u need peace
and quiet turn to Matthew 11,25-30

-when the world seems
larger then god turn to Psalm 90

-when u need
confirmation in christ turn to Romans 8,1-30

-when u go away from
(on a trip or because of work) turn to Psalm 121

-when ur prayers
become selfish or
narrow turn to Psalm 67

-when u need
a chance turn to Joshua 1

-when u need advise
how to trat ppl turn to Romans 12

thats the 2nd part.....third part will follow!!!!!!!

heres the third part!!

-when u want to invest turn to Mark 10,17-31

-when ur depressed turn to Psalm 27

-when u loose ur trust turn to 1Corinthians 13

-when u loose ur courage turn to Psalm 126

-when ur wallet is empty turn to Psalm 37

-when ppl seem mean turn to John 15,12-17

-when u have the feeling
the world is becoming smaller
and ur becoming bigger turn to Psalm 9

Emergency numbers can be called directly,without mediation and without prefix!!!
All lines into heaven r open 24hours a day!!!!
Feed ur faith and the doubts will starve!!

god bless
hey i have that in my Bible, it really helped me out one day... it was awesome. it's really cool. God bless you all:)
yeah THANK'S Kara, LOL already used it liek a FEW time's... LOL i liek it, goign to have to print it out now. and stick it some wheew i know it'll always be and then hopefully Memorise it all...
Love Simon!!!
well im glad ya all like it!!!
i think its great havent really used it yet.......
but those times will still come where i will be able to use it...
but if i think bout it i could use it right now....lol
god bless

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