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Nuggets of Gold

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Nuggets of Gold - March 27, 2006

Not long ago I attended a seminar at the Cove in North Carolina, which is a Billy Graham training center. His daughter spoke to us that weekend, teaching us how to dig into God's Word to pull out nuggets of gold.

This was a new procedure to me, and was very difficult to manage. I struggled with it all weekend and decided that my old method of Bible Study was just fine.

The phrase she used, "digging for nuggets of gold" made me think of gold miners. Sometimes they did strike a vein of gold easily, but they usually had to put many difficult and back breaking hours into the mining procedure. They had to have some special equipment- picks and lights for mining and pans for rinsing their find of the day. They had to dig and dig and pursue their goal relentlessly. Likewise, I should have the drive to seek out the nuggets of gold from God's Word, knowing the rewards are certainly worth my efforts.

I began with my tools: paper, pencil, outline notes and suggestions from the seminar, a quiet place, and my Bible. I asked God to help me find those nuggets of gold He had tucked in the passage I was studying, and, I am so thankful; He did! As I began to follow the procedure, some beautiful truths began to unfold for me. God spoke to me so clearly as I was picking and prodding into His Word. Truly, I did discover many wonderful things that I would have overlooked had I done my Bible study in my traditional manner.

Sometimes it is okay. to read scripture without an in depth study, but when you put forth the effort, your rewards are great. Those nuggets of gold are waiting throughout God's Word.

I'm ready to put on my mining cap and get busy, going after all the beautiful gold God has made available for me to obtain. How about you? Let's get going!

Contributed by Marion Smith: [email protected] Comments/Feedback are welcome.