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Not what I expected


I have looked at numerous Christian forums looking for the right one. Not all people coming to these forums are Christians and some of those that are Christians find themselves here because they have slipped away from God and are trying to fix that, like myself. This forum holds so much potential and ability to help people find God, bring people closer to God or simply allow them to "hang out" with other Christians. Some of you on here do just that, your responses are kind and encouraging, they're real and relatable. Then there are many of you on here who's responses are judgmental and plain rude. A lot of people, new members especially come here looking for help and guidance and get a response filled with Bible verses judging them. Many of the threads are just debates and arguments to see who can use what Bible verse to prove they're right and the other is wrong. It is not our job to enforce the Bible or to judge others, it is our job to love them. No one is perfect or the same, we all have sinned. We all have lived different lives and have different things on our plate. Instead of trying so vigorously to prove someone wrong because they have a different view or opinion than yours, appreciate the differences. Encourage, love, build up. While I don't think this site is for me, I pray that those of you on here that are showing God's love outshine the negative for others that find their way here.