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Not until God says to Let Go...


Family In Christ,
My sister Kim is in I.C.U. here in San Antonio, Tx. fighting for her life.
She has a rare liver diease that goes acute on occasion. Although it is said to be terminal, I know that God can heal Kim. She has been in I.C.U. for almost two weeks now. I go to see her every day. Since the time she went into the hospital she has been having grand maul seizures many times a day.
They had to put out a nation wide search for the medication that she needs because of how rare the diease is and by the time the medication came to us
almost 3 days later, Kim was just worn out from the seizures.
Although her seizures have slowed to only a couple a day, she is so weak that she cannot even lift her head off of the pillow without help.
I have been speaking the Word over her, praying and all that I can think to do. I am weary. I am speaking life over Kim, but she is just getting worse and more weak by the day. I really believe that we are to fight for life until the Lord says to give up the Ghost! I had a good cry and that helped, it was like taking the top off of shaken up soda, it all just came flowing out!

Please pray for Kim. She is a wonderful woman and she loves the Lord.
Until God tells me he is taking her, I will fight a good fight in the spirit and will not surrender to this plague of the Devil!
Thank You All,
Lord, be near to our sisters in that hospital room, and allow them to feel your comforting presence with them today. Let ministering angels attend to their every need, and touch kims body with your healing power in Jesus name!
I will be praying for you both sister.
I have prayed for you sister: that if it be His will He would heal her and raise her up. But beyond this, for both of you my sisters that He would strengthen your faith holding you both in His everlasting armes drawing close that in the glory of His face you might be transformed into the same immage, and armored against all the confusion, doubt and accusation of the enemy of our souls, stand for Christ through the tears of this trial, that you may rejoice in He who has defeated the devil and death itself by his atonement. He is comming soon, and His rewards are in His hands.
Lord be with our sister and her family.Give them courage and strength.Father, if it be thy will, may you inspire the caring professionals to heal our siter Kim. Oh God I lift them up before you, show us your mercy.Amen.