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Not sure how to respond to these friends...

I have two very nice friends who aren't Christian and they just wanted some questions answered. They're not persecuting me at all but they doubt the Christian faith for sure. One day, my friend typed this...and I'm not sure how to respond.... Could someone kinda help me? -_-;; I should probably do a study in apologetics sometime or something. x.x;; Well, he said this:

"Ok, Jesus, aka Christ, puts his name into his religion and suddenly he IS the right one? I can bet you millions of dollars (which I don't have...) that any other religion would claim the same thing.

There is currently nothing that makes Christianity more special then any other globally recognized religion. It just happens that I am on a Christian-based xanga...... which means I'm essentially all alone o_O;;

What gives me purpose? What is there to my life? I don't know. I live to make sure my loved ones are kept safe. I live to make sure that my loved ones are happy and well kept. I live to make sure my girlfriend has a beautiful life when I get enough stablity in my life to do so. I don't plan to just "live and then die" but your putting it as if living is just a small thing. I know just by looking around that life is extremely special because of all these experiences you go through.

I prefer not to rely on anyone to give me a purpose. I don't rely on some higher power. I just feel like I'm bowing to some one that I don't know exists. I don't see how refusing to just assume God exists and that everything is about Christianity is the right way makes me lower then the plants and animals.

Besides... sometimes, I would much rather be an animal... afterall, animals live a life of absolute survival, yet I have never once heard of anyone admit that animals all go to hell because they don't recognize your god. I guess that pet puppy of yours that you raised from childhood is going to hell huh?

But nevermind that. Yes, you guys are real believers who seem to always defend your religion by assuming that every part of your religion IS the right one, IS the really way, IS true... yet you don't back it up with solid facts... but once again, I shouldn't expect a real solid fact from religion... that would be stupid of me.

Yes, why don't I try to accept him? why don't I give him a chance? Well, to tell you the truth, I've grown up with the idea that it's not god that makes people strong. My mom is a single mother who raised me from day 1 till now. She doesn't believe in your God, she studies in the Buddha, yet she has the full will and love that kept me alive for so long (despite how much of a difficult child I was).

So if she didn't need god to live, to teach, to love, to truely appreciate what she is and what everyone is, then why should I go with God who apparantly won't do anything for me until I bow down to some invisible friend who won't help me when I get into some car accident, who won't let me go to this heaven because I didn't admit some sin that I wasn't responsible for, or that my mom will go to some hell because she didn't admit her sins DESPITE that she has been the biggest inspiration and the best teacher I have ever had in my entire life? No, I don't think anyone has the right to do something like that. Even if you claim he is omni-everything. Sorry, but I don't like to just give up my will... even if it means he will torture me for it."

Fact of the matter is, he doesn't hate me at all for this and we're still really good friends of course, but he wants his questions answered...only...I'm not sure how to answer them... x_x;;

If anyone can find some time to help me out a bit, I would really really appreciate it.
Hi Hakkiri :love: you couldnt convince him to sign up at TJ could you hehe . . .the whole forum is filled with answers and replies and toppics about the same and simular toppics. . .
I dont have time to reply right now. . .on my way out to work . . .BUT. . .I will pray for you and your friend :love: May God bless you today and refresh and strenghten you to be there and love your friend. . .you know. . .your the one who is bringing Jesus closest to him right now. . .he said so many things . . .especially the last sentence kills me. . .

"Sorry, but I don't like to just give up my will... even if it means he will torture me for it."

Thats his main sentence for me. . .he doesnt want it!
This is the reason . .. the answer to: Why cant all ppl go to heaven . ..or Why cant everyone be saved!

Pray for Gods mercy in your friends life. . .if God wants him on His team . . .He will get him anyway no doubt about that!!!!

Be there, love him and pray for Gods miracle in his life. . .only God can move hearts. .. because Jesus keeps knocking . . .to that heart that only has a doorhandle from the inside :love:

God bless you with His unending love to stand in prayer for your friend :love:
Those in the know...

Dear Hakkiri,

Listening to your story makes me very happy and excited in my heart, because the fact that your friend is even asking questions and that these things are bothering him means that God's Holy Spirit is working in his life and making him uncomfortable. So praise God... You are obviously having an influence on him. :thumbs_up

In answer to your question, though, I would advise that you get your hands on some apologetics. I'm currently reading the book, "More than a Carpenter" and I find that to be really good. For people who want good answers to hard questions I feel it's best to go straight to the guys who have done all the hard study for us and know what they're talking about. You can find these kinds of books at any Christian bookstore.

Hope this helps...
Sermon on the mount.

Matthew 5, 6 and 7 can answer all his questions.

Non believers in my experience see that there is no religion contained in that Sermon, only teachings of mens hearts.

No man can deny it.

It's universal.

They feel it emotionally. I feel he will also. :love:

I would strongly advise, stay clear from any other book.
The word of GOD is all we need.
I know that when I read things that others right it aslo helps me to grow... Yes the bible is the book that we should always listen to ... sometimes though it is helpful to get others thoughts on particular scripture..

Hakkiri praying for your friend is very very important. Please remember it is not our "job" to save them we just talk a bit here and there the Holy Spirit will do the rest ( I felt a great relief when someone told me that )