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not gonna be on no more :(

Hello you all fellow friends and family or anything else I can call you. Well I got some bad new to break, I wont be going on TJ anymore only at night. That means I can't be in charge of the Teen Bible Discussions and all the other work I do for God over the net is just gonna be done with. that depresses me. But I will survive. I did so much, Talk Jesus Helped me so much to come closer to God and now all my work is come to an end mostly. I will be comming on at night, as I am doing now, but I dont like this idea of disobeying parents orders and other stuff. But I dont know. There is so much going on online. I am trying to bring like two people to God and I know it helps them when I talk with them. God is using me in that way. Also this one family, they need my help and councelling and God. and now..:( wow, whatever, hopefully I will still be able to help just by emails. It makes me so sad that I wont really be able to communicate with all my friends I made here on TalkJesus. It has been an awesome experience and I will miss it greatly. One cool thing is, I will finish my school year good and I have time for other things ... well whatever I'll figure something out and possibly talk to my parents about it, not that they will understand much, but God is able. God bless you all. I love you so much bye
Tanya Maksimov
Princess . I will miss you very much . You are a true warrior for God . GBU :love: :love: :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike
THanks you strypes and brotherinarmst4g. you are awesome you guys. I love you both. Well I thought about what strypes said and I dont think I will go on in my room anymore, I'll leave it disconnected. Well I guess I'll try to talk to mom about it and have her convince dad or something. we'll see, but I gotta wait for school to end first. two more weeks left. yay!!! well I just want to thank you all. I will be checking my mail on my brother's comp, that is if he lets, but he will. and yes my email is, [email protected]. I would love to hear from you all so email me there and keep me updated. I'll try to pop in here more often, GOd bless you all, I will continue my prayers for TJ.
-=Tanya Maksimov=-
P.S. Special thanks to you. TJ brought me closer to the Lord, my Savior and I just want to bless you and will continue praying. Keep up the great work. i love you all:)
adios for now, Meet in Heaven:):):):):)