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Normal Music

Does anyone here think that when they listen to secular music like for examples boy bands, girl bands, that a small minority of there songs have some element of spirituality in them? Sometimes I have noticed this when listening to secular music, just wondered if any one has noticed the same?
hi ya Francesca :love: I listen to the radio in the car or at work usually . . .we dont have any christian radio stations in the area . . .so i know quite a few of the songs that are going on . ..
I enjoy music that is uplifting, comforting, encouraging . . .and full of love :love:

If its not worship music . . .i still connect the songtext with my Lord and Saviour. . .sometimes songs in the radio describe my current family situation or whatever else goes on in my life :love:

and I get inspired through those songs to thank my God in that moment for the protection and grace He pours out new every day for me :love:

So yes . . .I listen to "normal" music and yes, I enjoy it and yes, I think its inspirational whenever my heart and mind are focused on God daily :love:

God bless you sweetie . . .Keep asking hon :love:

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