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NOAH, the FAITHFUL (GEN 6:9-11:32)


GENESIS: 6:9-11:32................ISAIAH 54:1-55:5......................MATTHEW 3:1-4:25

This Parasha starts out on both good and bad notes. The world is really in turmoil, violence and evil has permeated the world, caused by sin, demonic entities on earth, yet inspite of all this, ONE PERSON and his family remain RIGHTEOUS, and separate themselves from the lost world. "Noach and family". It says that "Noah walked with God"
the word "Halach" is "walk" it is a spiritual/faith walk and not a physical action. In spite of the world corruption, Noach and his family remained true to YHVH, probably through the influence of Enoch, Methuselah, and to those who knew Adam, and learned from his mistake and repentance.

The world will be destroyed by a flood of waters, YHVH tells Noach, yet HE will preserve him and his family in a boat, an "Ark" which will be made to just float on water, no rudder is needed, because the "Yad Elohim" (the hand of G-d) will guide it through the flood waters until it reaches safety. There is so much to teach in this, that only a few paragraphs will not suffice.

But we a correlation between Yeshua and Noach, and the Ark. The ark was a "boat of safety, Noach and his family went "through" the judgement of the world, yet was "saved" the 40 days and 40 nights is significant, the number "40" is the number of "judgement, trials, and testings. Our "ark" of safety is "Yeshua" Moshe was saved as a baby in a small "Ark" made of reeds and made waterproof with pitch, and was set on the Nile and arrived to safety near the palace.

Noach was a "just and righteous" man in HIS generation, he was a "Tzadik" it must have been a scary world, full of evil men, dinosaurs, and giants, yet Noach remained fathful to Elohim. The ark carried the primary animal "kinds" 7 pairs of clean animals and a pair of unclean animals, and enough food to last a year. Yes, there were dinosaurs on the ark, the smaller ones, probably infants, or yearlings.

The flood waters came, but not before YHVH had shut the door. (6:16) He and his family were IN and the lost were OUT, the age of grace had ended, and now judegment would begin. The flood waters destroyed the earth that was originally made, with only 8 survivors. Mr and Mrs. Noach (wife; Naamah, daughter of Enoch) according to rabbinic stories, and sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives, and with those people, after the flood, the world was repopulated, yet sin persisted, so, man learned nothing from the flood.
The world received the present languages when the people were divided at the building of "Bavel" after the flood. Interesting to note that the ark came to land on Mt Ararat, during the time of Sukkot, (the 7th month) which means, YHVH tabernacles with us, YHVH did not forget Noach and his family, HE was with them, and he is with us too, through the Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit)
(this is really cutting this parasha short, there is much to say and would be so much to write, I ask, when do I finish, so I am trying to hit on some main points,)
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________
ISAIAH 54:1-55:5

Interesting verses for childless women, "do not dispare" YHVH is your husband. "YHVH Tzeva'ot Shemo" (the LORD of hosts is HIS name) many women think it is disgrace not to have children, yet even now, the LORD comforts them, I will have mercy on you! says YHVH and even the barren, (Sarah, Hannah, Rachel, etc) had children. .We have all been made to be "B'nei Elohim" (children of God) through Yeshua our redeemer.
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _________________

As Noach went through the water in an ark, Yochanan the Baptist got into the water and baptized those who would come to repentence, here the water symbolizes death and rebirth, while the flood waters symoblized destruction and judgement, the dove, which Noach released brought back an olive leaf, which symbolizes "Shalom" (peace) the dove took off again, flew away and didn't return to Noach. Well, where did it go? Here, it came down when Yeshua was baptised in the Jordan river, again, symbolizing "Yeshua Shalom"
"Yeshua, who came in peace, to teach the Torah, to heal, and to die for our sins, fullfill the will of the Father

Shabbat Shalom....rabbi Ben Avraham

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