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no words

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there are no words to express
no words to say
no words to explain
no words to shout
no words to sing.......................................

of how much i love You and how great You are and how much You can do and how great a sacrifice You gave and how much You mean to me and how much You do for me i can only try and say i love You if only that was enough to say, but its not so i will just have to try again. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
I like it ! :thumbs_up Sometimes there are just no words . You are so right . Mike
that is so tru!!

atm times, i like go by myself 2 think.. an im like.. God ur... an i can only come up wif awesum, cuz words cant comprehend his awesum-ness...lol

i liked it btw!!