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Well folks, I am at a low right now and could use some prayers. I am a recluse who sits staring at the walls or looks at the hate spewing commentary on Yahoo news. My parents are gone, my 3 siblings consider me as an after thought, my friends (3) live long distance & have their own problems. So I'm totally alone. I lay in my bed, read a little Scripture, and afterward feel no hope, feel nothing but emptiness. I have to force myself to go to church. I go to a big Pentecostal church where I sit way in the back anonymously & watch these people talking in tongues & praising Jesus. I say to myself, what's wrong with me? Why can't I be like them? I wonder, Am I already damned?
God is omnipresent & He knew from the get go what kind of life I was going to live. And I sit here wondering "why?" It'd been better if I had been aborted instead of living this ugly lonely life where I'm now just existing until my time ends. Yes, there are others who are less fortunate then me. But I still wonder as death is closing in, what pit in hell I am going to be sent. Eternity has no time, and (lol) time is your worse enemy in satan's earthly paradise. It's like one of those - you can't win for losing situations.
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. I say to myself, what's wrong with me?
Perhaps your attitude?

Turn your disatisfaction into praise, thank the Lord for all the blessings around you.
Especially thank Him for the ability to pray and praise without persecution.

Blessings grace and peace be unto you
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I had to hit rock bottom before things got better for me, pray read scripture, do something to entertain yourself got to a movie ride your bike. GO to a homeless shelter and see what you to do help other. Really the best way in the world to get your mind off your problems is to go help other people that are less fortunate then you.

It is not healthy to be a complainer,
If you take all this time you are using for reflection which obviously isnt helping, instead use it to help others, it will bring you more real joy than you have felt in some while. Find an organization that helps the needy and get involved collecting and handing out food and personal items. Get your mind off you and you can start being happy again.

You may find this YouTube channel useful. Link is below. Don't forget application. May you have a peaceful shabbat.

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