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No,No ... Not me !

One day as Jesus was on his journey to do the Fathers will , he came across three people who had obvious healing needs . Now one guy had no sight , the second man could not talk , and the third man had a cast on his foot and crutches under his arms .

This made Jesus anguish over their bondages . When Jesus came to the blind man , he said you will see now . The man rejoiced and screamed ... I can see !

When Jesus came to the second man , he said , now you will be able to talk . The second man rejoiced and screamed ... I can talk !

When Jesus came to the third guy , he started to say , your foot will be healed , But as Jesus started to say that , the man yelled to Jesus , No, No Jesus ! Not me ! I am collecting disability insurance !

Some of us are still that way . We would rather deny Gods healing , and make excuses , then be made whole and be totaly free ! I hope you got a laugh out of this . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
It would be funny if it were not so true. People would rather stay in their sickness or problem than to believe God to deliver them. He wants His best for them but they are settling for much less.