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nice for my babies

here is a small but precious testimony that was very light and joyous for me

one day i was in meijers which is a store here and i saw some kids back packs. my daughter who is 3 had seen her cousin have one and she loved it and wanted one. as i saw these back packs i wanted very badly to get it for her as a suprise but we had no money to buy it and it was 10$ which was alot at that time so i just had a passing thought that i was sad i couldnt get it for her.

on the way home we saw a garage sale and i love them so i asked my husband to stop which i assumed he would say absolutly not to since he almost always says no to waiting in the car with 4 kids while i go to a garage sale. this time he said sure and i went in.

i found nothing that looked good at all really then i felt God moved by head to the side, i looked and they were selling a small winnie the pooh back pack just the perfect size for a 3 yr old and it was only 50 cents! i knew right away God provided for me to be able to give her one as it was my hearts desire. then i thought oh no but my son who is 2 will want something seeing his sister get something and i looked over and right next to it ( which i do not know how i did not notice it before) was a plastic toy mail bag to pretend to be a mail carrier. I knew this was perfect for him because i taught him to see the mail truck come and he would run through the house yelling MAIL MAIL MAIL LOL so this was also 50 cents and i was so joyful to the Lord for loving us even in such little things.

when i gave these to the kids they could not have been the more perfect things they just adored them and to me they were so much sweeter then me just buying them at the store

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