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Discussion in 'Stories' started by LordKnows, May 11, 2016.

  1. A woman & a man married. They were madly in love they talked everyday, they did everything together & thanked each other in loving ways. Butterflies were fluttering each time they thought of each other. Every time they were apart they would tell anyone that would listen how much they loved one another going into detail of the special ways they complete eachother. They did so much for one another. The positive changes they both received was miraculous. Their lives were worth living. They viewed life so much differently. They just couldn't get their fill.

    After a few months things changed.

    They didn't talk as much, doing things together didn't happen as often & they hardly ever mentioned each other when they were apart which was often. Thank you was never mentioned.
    They began living as they did before they were introduced to one another. The man went back to drinking & seeing other women. The woman went back to gossiping, talking to other men on the internet & even reactivated her dating website account. The two of them expected fireworks & constant happiness once they were married & because that didn't happen they went back to living like they were single still married.

    When we go from the world to God things can "feel" differently in the beginning but it's a marriage not a temporary faze. It's not about the feel good we get at times. God takes his vows VERY seriously & keeps his promise. Once the giddy butterflies end & we're left with the relationship what do we do? Trying to be a Christian & worldly is like trying to be single while married.

    (I just thought of this with the help of God) ... isn't God cool!!!!!
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  2. God is cool, and an emotional desire for someone has nothing to do with Love. It "might" be a consequence of love, but not necessarily. Loving someone is caring for someone else to where you put their needs above your own.
  3. The day I received Jesus to be my Lord and savior I felt a load taken away, and I was filled with joy unspeakable, and full of Glory. I had a permanent smile on my face, and it showed.
    I asked some other believers that had been saved for many years, and I asked them, "How long is this joy going last, and this peace that I have?" They asked me, "How long have you been saved?"
    I said "two weeks" They said, Oh that's why you are so happy, you are still on your honey moon with the Lord. Just give it a few more months, and you will right back down here in the valley with the rest of us" I said, "I don't want to go back down into the valley, I just came out of the valley" We are never to go back to were we came from even though there will be times in our life that we will walk in the valley of life's trying times, but our Joy, and peace can never be taken away because it does not come from the circumstances of life, but God alone.
  4. It is a lot like you say... when you are really in love with someone, they're all you can talk about.
    They're all you can think about. All your friends roll their eyes when say their name as if your life
    depended on it. In this case... it does,

    The Bible warns about losing that first love. ( Rev 2:4; )

    We should have that passion for Jesus all the time.

    But like some marriages... it can fade a little over time. But it doesn't have to.
    Some marriages have date nights, flowers and candy for no reason, they still hold hands
    and go for moonlight walks on the beach... even if they've been married for 50 years.

    I think God loves this... when we talk to Him for no reason at all.. we don't need anything, we
    just wanted to say hello. 1 Jn 4:19; Just to be in His presence sometimes, just to feel His touch.

    Better is one day is His front yard, than a thousand outside. I would rather stand at the threshold
    of the house of God, Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.
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  5. Men and women put their "best foot forward" early on in order to attract a certain member of the opposite sex. Then once attracted and hooked together in marriage each of them tire of hiding the truth about themselves from each other. Instead of working to correct the mistakes and really getting to know one another to live a "good" life together, they throw in the towel on that one as a lost cause and look for another priming themselves up again with that "best foot forward" lie.

    We do the same thing in God, and while God is more merciful than any natural spouse He always immediately sees the false front of the masquerade we are putting on... Are real? Then ask for His help!

    If we love a person or God, then we must do all we can do and be is for the one we say that we love. "For better or worse"! With the person eventually the person will know if we lied to embed the hook. With God He always knows from the start. He really does look at and see the heart.
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  6. I am reminded of a story a couple told me of their courtship (woo-ing as they say in the south).

    A guy calls his girlfriend up and says, hey lets go shopping, I'll buy you a dress. He takes her to 6 or 7 different
    stores and has her try on at least a dozen different dresses. He makes comments and criticisms of the
    dresses, and eventually buys her not only a dress, but a matching hat and purse. She is in heaven!!

    A week later the girl calls her boyfriend over, she turns on a football game, makes popcorn, and
    asks him many questions, who is your favorite team, who is your favorite player, and even
    invites him to stay to watch a second game... He is in heaven!!

    Now they've been married for 6 months...

    The wife says... honey would you like to go dress shopping with me? He looks at her and
    says "huh?" what are you talking about? You can go, I'll just stay here and watch the game.

    By the way, you can wait til the games over, that way you can stay here and watch football
    with me. The wife says "huh?" what are you talking about?

    It's true we sometimes change superficially for people. I think the couples that stay together
    the longest are the ones that were most honest about who they really are before they got married.

    We can "try" to be superficial with God, but the only person we are fooling is ourselves.
    He knows our hearts. He knows everything we've ever done, and everything we will ever do.
    So there is no fooling Him. Trying to fool Him is just a waste of energy, and if we do it long
    enough, we can fool ourselves.

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