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Newest Newb

Stumbled on this site from my paintball teams forums. Cool place. Not sure how much I will hang here, since I am involved in a few other boards. One is my teams, another is a national Christian Paintballers forum, another that is paintball related, but I frequent the section where religion is discussed, thus I am involved in lots of apologetics there, another that is paintball on the local (NorthWest Arkansas) scene, and yet another that is dedicated to Disney! We are returning to WDW in November 05, second trip there, I grew up in San Diego and been to Disneyland so many times I lost count, and we are planning a family reunion style cruise next year with my wifes family, aboard Disney Cruise Lines. Not only our first Disney Cruise,but our first cruise period.I am told to expect to double my weight in one week! :pizza: (<--- only decent smiley food I could find!)

Besides a Disney and paintball fan, I am also a Youth Pastor, father of 2, and husband of 1! Serve on the board of my church. Graduated Bible School in Tulsa OK in 99. Work during the day for a company called Ecolab, doing commercial pest control, fight crime at night, yada, yada...
Staff Member
Hello brother God bless you and welcome to Talk Jesus. Thank you for joining us! Browse around. You will love the site for sure.
hi ya ythpstr2000 :love: Welcome to TalkJesus :love: my brother is a paintball "nut", my hubby is from Oklahoma and we have about every Walt Disney Video there is :shade: , so I feel I know you somewhat already God bless you and your home bunches and fill your heart with joy while rejoicing and serving Him in every day :love:

Your a reeeeeeeeal busy bee, may Jesus fill and strenghten you with His Holy Spirit :love:

Hope to see you around some time Hugs to the wife :love:
I am quite new, too one week here today.
Awesome site.
Hope you stick around & share when you can.


Welcome brother,

The Holy Spirit is here. Come join us in fellowship.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you do stick around, im sure you will enjoy it here. Blessings Rebecca


Hey youthpastor!! welcome to talkjesus,
sounds like you have a busy life :) good way to be.
Disney land! I live in Australia and i have heard of disney land, it is a long way from here, it must be good, however I doubt that I will ever see it.
I love travelling around Australia. Awesome place.
How is the youth work going?
God bless you